Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Gu

It's sunday and i'm on the internet??? Does that mean I actually got a connection??? NO! It means i'm sitting on the bench at the bus stop across from my school stealing another buildings internet. HAHAHAHAHA SUCKERS...anyway.

Since Daegu is one of the coolest places ever it only seemed fair for it to have a cool nickname. My friend dave happened to be calling it the Gu (goo). I think that is a good nickname if not a great one. It's fun to say and it rhymes with jew...So there is a Jew in the Gu...I'm in love. My friend came down from his northern provice...a town of 100,000 but his city only has about 2,500. He is from Canada so not a big town man, but he didn't want a small town life. He is basically in a tiny place. Now I live in a town called Chil gok. It's one of the smaller more spread out towns in Daegu. It's also about 30 mins by bus away from the downtown area. I can hit up the rapid bus and pay 1,300 won, or $1.30 and get to the main area for cheap. I'm very happy I found the bus and I don't have to pay $13 to take a taxi there. I def. have it better tha him. Down there is where it is happening so we took him there. There are a number of foreigner bars that all the english speaking teachers, guests, and asians who either want to practice english or love the white boys go. I'm usually drunk from going out to dinner before I even get to the bar which is a nice thing. The group here is great, all chill and down to have a good time. At any given time we have a choice of about 5 bars that we could go to and see people we know. There is also a number of clubs that are pretty cool. I have grown fond of one named FROG. I have met a couple of people there who are absolutely beautiful and love to dance. Probably the most important phrase I learned besides where is the bathroom is "will you dance with me." The girls are shy but after I bust a move or two they seem to be alright with it. The asian guys love to dance around me, it's great because I feel like i'm working. I have them waving their hands and trying to sing the words. I get a kick out of it. If it isn't a club night there are hooka bars and of course my personal favorite the karaoke club. Karaoke places are not like in america where you sing in front of the whole bar. You rent a room (usually only a couple dollars and hour) and you sing with your friends. It's great.

So back to my buddy...He went home with someone else that night...we tried to call Ty but his cell phone was lost (which we didn't know) so no go with that. So Dave and I are talking about how we might meet back up with Tyler and how he didn't pick up when we called...all of a sudden at 12:30 in the afternoon we hear a loud knock at the door. It opens and In comes Tyler. Hair all greasy and obviously please to finally be back in the right place. We later find out that he woke up next to a different person than he went home with, with a condom still on his willy. Escaped that place at 9am and had a 3 1/2 hour adventure trying to find an apartment that he was only at once, in a town he was only in once. I have NO idea how he made it back but when he came back in it was the funniest thing I have ever seen. I was laughing for a good couple of hours. As for the cell phone...we called it later and it turns out it was at a police station. We were in a different town and went to a different police station to maybe try and find out where the correct one was. They actually gave it to a cab driver and had the cab bring it over to the station that we were at. I was impressed with the service all for a stupid Canadians cell phone. BASICALLY: GOOD WEEKEND IN THE GU!

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Tony said...

hahahah! that's such funny story, 3.5 hour of adventure to find home!!