Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween night

I have some stuff to tell all of you, but unfortunatly i'm still busy. But here is what to look foward to! Yesterday was my Hapkido exhibition. There were 11 teams and only one white kid. Some of my co-workers came to see me and two of my friends, but my coworkers left because we were suppose to eat dinner with the rest of the 6th grade teachers and my group was suppose to go 5th but got pushed back until 10th. Basically I missed a dinner that was suppose to be for me. It was all worth it because we got "first grade" which means we were the best. Even though it wasn't a comp. there was still award for the best team. I don't know if we were really the best or everyone was just impressed that they saw a white kid fly. Don't care, it was cool. I felt great.

That is it for tonight, I gotta get myself to the foreigner halloween party. It's gonna be funny. All the korean people down town are def. going to wonder why all the foreigners are walking around in costumes. It's gonna be great. I'll catch you up to speed later.


the rents said...

good going white boy.

Tony said...

so did you acutally fight anyone?