Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween party and Halloween in school

Let me start off by saying the Halloween party was out of control. My friend Angela came to my apt first to drop her shit off and change for down town. We eventually left and made our way down town by taxi. My students roam the streets where I live so I did not put on my costume until we go into the car. Angela dressed up in minimal clothing and some wings. I dressed up as a big fat sumo wrestler. The costume had a fan in it that blew air into the suit to blow it up. It is the funniest thing in the world as you can see above. The second I got out of the taxi every Korean in sight started pointing and laughing and talking to each other about the silly foreigner. We met a bunch of our friends in front of the police station that we haven't seen since orientation. I had to show them where the other people that we knew who came into Daegu were staying. Art and Dave were going to stay with them. None of them were dressed up and so far it was only Angela and I in costume. On the way to the hotel I met up with my Korean friends and even they were dressed up. But they had pre-planned a cover up outfit so none of their korean friends would see them. Korean people in general are really worried about what they look like and how people view them. But these girls didn't care as much as the rest of them because they at least had a costume that was of course cutsie. Us 6 met up with some more people that came in in a big group and went to eat dinner. the whole way there people were laughing at us and coming up to me to poke me and take pictures. There were a couple of halloween parties going on down town so there were a lot of foreigners dressed up. When we walked around in a group they gathered to watch like it was a big parade. Now you see, I knew there were going to be a lot of people coming but I didn't really expect THAT many. When we got to the bar it was PACKED OUT! Apparently EVERY single person I mentioned the party to came. That was the first time that has ever happened. People came all the way from the northern most part of south korea (7 hours away) and also some flew from the small island of Jeju off the south western tip of Korea. It was a mob scene...but it was nice to have all my friends in one place drinking together. So many drinks and a couple of close calls with lit cigarettes and my ballon costume later, it was time for the costume contest. When it was my turn to get up on the chair someone opened the back of my costume to let all the air out. I didn't know it happened and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't inflating. I already got down from the chair when I realized someone sabotaged me! Bastards. I didn't win or even place but there were some pretty funny costumes so it was allll good. After all of that it was time to leave the crowded bar and head to an even more crowded club. I took my costume off when I got there and put it in a locker and proceeded to the dance floor. All in all it was a great night. We said our goodbyes and off people were.

The monday at school I was to start my halloween lesson. I took my costume into school and when I brought it out it smelled like cigarettes. Luckly I let it air out. For my lesson we ordered a helium tank to blow up a lot of orange balloons so the kids could draw on them like a Jack-o-lantern. We got a lot of bowls so the kids could bob for apples...I made a kick ass power point presentation also. My favorite part was this video

Watch it and then come back to reading. Make sure the volume is up REALLY loud so you can hear what they are whispering.

Basically I played that in on the t.v screen and scared the shit out of every student. Some I think had a mini heart attack. I had some tongue twisters later in the lesson and a cool trick or treat game. At least half of the students dressed up, in one class every single student dressed up (but they are my favorite and they know it. SO eager to please me). I told them if they did I would have a costume contest and give them some stuff I brought from home if they won. I had some pennies and nickles and glow sticks...etc. All in all they had a great time and it was a nice break from the hard work that most of them do. I still have a couple more days of halloween lessons, basically this whole week, but I am not complaining. It's a good time.


Tony said...

hahaha niec costume!

that girl in ur 2nd pix in black with the 5 finger pose looks kute!!!

Tony said...

and please, that clip you posted, its OLD! i already fall for it once, not gonna happen again!