Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kidnapped and snot sucker

So last night like I said I went to dinner at my co workers house. We ate and drank some soju. I was going to leave and go downtown to hang with some friends for a little and I told him I was going to go at like 9:30...basically he didn't let me leave his apt. He kept me kidnapped and kept feeding me soju. I didn't mind though, I saved money from not going down town. After that we went and played some billiards (4 ball, much better than regular pool...which they call pocket ball...and pocket ball is only for ladies). Then we left and went over to my Hapkido gym and had some more soju with my Kwan Jang Nim and Sau Baum Nim. Basically they wouldn't let me leave either and I ended up getting home at 2am. My nose immediatly stuffed up and I couldn't sleep. This morning I woke up and right away called my co-teacher and told her I was too sick to come into work. I really did feel like shit. Not like I drank too much sick but like my nose was clogged, throat was dry, and not a lot of sleep sick. So I slept more and got woken up by a delivery man with a package for me. Then my co-teacher insisted that I go to a clinic to get some medicine and get checked out. Since I took the day off I went with her.

When I got there it looked kinda like a dr's office should. It was an ear nose and throat doctor so there were some weird machines I never saw before off to the right. I got in there and sat in the chair. His english was surprisingly good. This was a little odd...he brought out this thing that blew smoke or something smoke like in my mouth, then squirt some liquid in my nose and blew more smoke in there too...uncomfortable to say the least. The worst part was still to come. He took out this suction device this and stuck it straight up my nose. First only right in my nose and literally started sucking the snot out of my head. Then he decided there was a lot and stuck it even further up there which was one of the most uncomfortable things that has happened to me since i've been there. Finally he was done sucking the snot, and possibly some of my brains, out of my dome piece (gangster for head). I went with a nurse and sat down in front of this machine and she gave me this round short piece to stick once again in my nose. It squirt something up there and dripped out...I wasn't sure if I was suppose to breath in or not. Then she gave me another piece with water in it. I guessed it was a humidifier (sp?). It was and it again got turned on and humidified my nostrils. It was messy. Then the last thing was this piece that I held near my mouth and it was another smoke thing device. After that I went back to the chair and he took a picture of my nostril, never saw the inside before. Not too attractive. He gave me a perscription and I went down to the pharmacy and got some pills. I actually felt 100% better. After the discomfort it was nice to breath again. My co-teacher treated me to some chicken soup. I was surprised when she said that because I was expecting grandma's chicken soup. But it was more chicken soup in the literal sense. It was soooo delicious. A bowl full of soft rice, and well, pieces of chicken. I ate almost all of it and the rest is in my fridge for b fast tomorrow morning. It was a good day all together and now I feel fine.

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Tony said...

ear nose and throat, you suck at pool!