Monday, October 1, 2007

Last night

This was funny...last night I was trying to find a chicken place to eat so I was riding around on my motorcycle to different places. It is really difficult to ask if they have something because when they say no they tell you they have something else...see, I only practiced how to ask for something. I haven't gotten to the listening part. Soooo about 5 restaurants and 30 mins later as i'm still looking for some damn chicken my phone vibrates. So i pull off the road and onto the side walk (which is completely legal...I could ride my bike on the sidewalk if I wanted to and I wouldn't get in trouble) to answer it. It's my co-worker Karl. He text me the following: "Here is gym now. Hi Jake. What r u doing now? If u want to drink some Alcohol, please calee me." So of course I called. I heard loud people in the back ground so they obviously already started. The hapkido gym had a tourny yesterday and I found out they did very well. 1st and 3rd place. I dropped my bike off at home and took a cab over to the gym to find a big flat grill set up outside in the drive way on the side of the gym and about 10 Koreans around it. Immediatly they poured me soju, this was a good time to practice my customs and my Korean. Every word I said in Korean every single one of them went "ooooOOOOO" like they were surprised and happy that I knew it. My Kwon Jong Nim was blitzed, it was hilrious. Everyone was explaining to me that it is a brother hood and told me that I should call them Hyoung Nim, or older brother, because we are a family. It was nice of them...My kwon jong nim was telling me that he is my father and I am his hapkido son..he speaks really broken english, all of them do except for my co worker, but it was soooo funny anyway. My co worker was also pretty drunk. He happens to have the two cutest kids though. I know I think all asian kids are adorable but what can I say, they are! So after I demonstrated my massive amount of Korean (about 15 words) the hugging started. One of the guys even told me that I was sooo strong and came behind me and grabbed my boobs. He told karl to tell me "it's not gay in korea." It was a little weird but not that bad. Even weirder the same guy wanted to keep hugging me and once in a while he would tap me on my butt, all I could do was crack up. My Kwon Jong Nim kept telling me we should fight tomorrow, of course I said hell nooooo. After that Kwon Jong Nim (captain) wanted to sing, so me K.J.N, my co worker, my sah bom nim (assistant captain) and the ass slapper went to the no re bong (karaoke) and started rocking. Needless to say we drank more mek jew (beer)and sang our heads off. My K.J.N told me he wanted to wrestle me tomorrow and I told him as long as he promised not to kick me I would do it. I'm gonna get my ass kicked but hopefully I can at least take him down. When I picked hotel california my k.j.n couldn't stop saying "Jake-uh you make so happy." They all call me Jake-uh which is also...well funny. After the whole night the wife of the ass slapper came to pick us up and drive us home because all of them weren't in any condition to walk let alone drive. I was fine because I came late to the party. I was back home and in bed by 12. I'm feeling fine and ready to learn how to kick someone's head off. I'll tell you tomorrow about my first experience.

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Tony said...

great entry dude,i still enjoy reading ur stupid stories!!

better show ur korean dad wut u can do 2morrow and take him down!

so far u made korean friends...ate korean food, drives around in a bike..but still, u have not bang a korean girl yet, i will never let u down on this!!