Friday, November 16, 2007

Camping and my upcomming birthday weekend

Last weekend was the foreigner camping extravaganza. There was about 20 people that went. We rented two vans and bought a lot of food..basically we had everything you needed for camping. The plan was to drive 3 hours, get to a place that wasn't really a campsite but people camped before. Walk for about 15 mins through the forest and arrive on a beach. So camping on a beach. Sounded good. I am one of the only 3 guys with a Korean drivers license and I love to drive so I was the designated driver for the way up. I never drove any thing bigger than a car in stick shift before so it was fun. The leaves on the trees are all changing and there are trees all over the mountains...There are mountains all of Korea. It was a really really really nice drive. It started to get dark and we weren't there yet so I knew we would have a hard time finding it. We did. We finally got there just past the 3 hour mark. We literally turned off the road onto a dirt road. The dirt road led into a big open area and at the end of the road it looked to be a boat launch. We could either camp right there or walk through the woods with all our stuff for 15 mins at night and find the beach. We thought why not attempt to look for the beach so a couple of people and myself went searching. There was no path at all so we were ducking under tree branches and dodging tree trunks. beach. We went back and shared our adventure with the rest of the people. We couldn't really see much but where we decided to pitch the tents was a LOT of garbage. We cleared out an area and set up the 5 or 6 tents that we had. The good thing about the site was there was tons of wood. I'm not sure if this was legal or not but we made a fire ring with rocks and put a whole shit load of wood in it and lit that shit up! It was a nice cold night with a nice warm fire. People brought their guitars and two guys started cooking food. Our cooking method was to rap meat and vegetables in tin foil and throw it in the fire. It was a fun method. It was really a great time. Drinking, eating, joking, singing, yelling. All good. I went to be around 1:30 but some guys didn't sleep at all. We woke up the next morning and saw exactly where we were. It was basically an area that every single person in the whole country threw their garbage. It was EVERY WHERE! All sorts and sizes. Everyone was cracking up and making jokes about how we could have driven 15 mins away and found a garbage dump. Oh well. The cherry on top of this laughing sundae was right before we left. We were packing into the vans and a huge truck starts backing up down the road. It looked like a sewage truck. He backs down to the water and throws his hose in. Everyone was silent for about a minute thinking "is he really doing that?!?!?" Then it seemed all at once the roar of laughter came back and stayed for most of the ride back. I was informed by one of my friends that it wasn't really a sewage truck, it was just a sprayer truck (ones they use to clean the roads) and he was filling up his tanks, not emptying it out. I didn't say anything to anyone else because I didn't want to ruin their fun. We got back to Daegu and I went home and did laundry.

That was last weekend. Now for this weekend. As some of you may know my birthday is this Monday. From past experiences I have learned that a birthday celebration on a week night is NOT a good idea. There is nothing left for me to do than to celebrate it the weekend before. Tonight is a friday night. I am going to the advanced Hapkido class and then after my Kwan Jang Nim and fellow hapkido-ers are celebrating at the gym. They wanted to party with me and I have to go down town tomorrow for the official bash. I wanted to party with some ninjas because they are awesome and also HILARIOUS when they are trashed. It's gonna be a fun night. I also have my yellow belt test tomorrow. Luckly it's at 4 pm, i'll have to be able to move by then. It's gonna be cake, i'll def. let you guys know how it goes. But after my belt test I am going downtown to have a party with all my friends. It is my friends birthday on tuesday so we are doing a joint thing. This is also the first time I didn't have to do ANYTHING to plan my own party. Two other people planned the whole thing, it's nice not having to worry about it. First is Ice Skating...yeah I know...but like I said I didn't plan it. It should be fun...the only problem I can see is them not having big enough skate sizes for some peoples feet. Next over to a bar called communes for what might be the very first beer pong tournament ever in Korea. That should be a blast. No Korean person I have spoken to has any idea what beer pong is. I am excited to show them. After that all I know is we are going over to a differnent bar for a "special birthday toast." Don't know what that means but i'm excited. The rest of the night, as far as I know, isn't planned. You can expect a long blog about the formentioned events. Wish me luck! Off to Hapkido.

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Tony said...

beer pong sucks, and good luck on ur yellow belt, u garbage camper!