Monday, November 26, 2007

First off

FIRST OFF, I would like to announce that Brian Gannon and Zack G. are now douche bags. I say this because they are reading this.

This weekend was a pretty decent one as far as weekends go. Friday night was trivia night. I wasn't officially on a team but I helped out a bit. When I traveled with my school on the ship I always thought foreigner bars were a stupid idea, and even worse was when they had trivia. I remember in Barcelona the first night off the ship a couple of friends and I stumbled upon a bar called "Travel Bar." Low and behold there were many foreigners in there and they were having a trivia night. Immediatly I though "how queer is this." You don't go to a bar in a foreign country to answer questions with a bunch of people who look like go to the bar to drink your face off and get wasted with the locals. Until I moved here I didn't realize the people in that bar for the most part weren't just off a plane or just off a cruise ship and visiting for a week or two, they were people who probably lived there. Foreigner bars and these "social" outtings are actually quite important for a happy life over seas. Although I love the culture and the language and of course the people it is definitely neccessary to be able to speak english full speed and have people understand every word. Sometimes i'll even catch myself slowing down and speaking the way I speak to Korean Korean people. Every foreigner has a special voice that they use to speak to a real Korean. It involves slowing down a lot and making a sentece as simple as possible. For example, if I wanted to say "I drank too much last night and my stomach really hurts." It would come out as, "Too much soju, belly hurts." I think by far my friend Ben has the best one. He not only speaks incredibly slow, but his intonation is completely off. It's like he is talking to a special education retard and not even expecting them to understand. I can't explain it any more than that, it's great. So besides the need to be around people who you can have a normal conversation with trivia night turns out to be incredibly fun and funny. It's the people that make it fun...the money winnings at the end isn't bad either.

Saturday morning I woke up and immediatly new that I wasn't going out that night...or that day. I stayed home all day and watch some movies. I did go out for about 5 mins but that was only to get some milk for cereal the following morning.

Sunday. I woke up. Today is the foreigner thanksgiving feast. We didn't celebrate it thursday because we all had work. We didn't celebrate it Thursday night either because something far more important happens that night. Fooseball. Sunday seemed like the best option. It was pot luck style. Everybody brought food and we joined forces and pigged out. We met at noon and started warming stuff up and drinking wine. We had dinner, played some games and watched some movies. It was nice. I have to cut this short though because the bell just rang and I have to go to my first period class. Back to work.


Amelia said...

Nice! I know what you mean about foreigners, used to avoid them like the plague, love them to fucking death now


Amelia said...

And I can't believe you didn't shout out to me, you stink

Tony said...

i hate you for the fact that i was tricked in watching 2 girls and 1 cup, i hate you