Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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For those of you that can't check out my pictures on face book here are a couple. There is also a new post below this extravaganza so check that out. Enjoy

Brian Peter and me.

He tried to kiss me...Irish people.

So I bit his nipple. CAN YOU SEE THE PAIN?..and his tonsils?

Me and my foosball partner. We have a league here. We are number 1 right now. My favorite number is 4 and it's an unlucky number in Korea. Oh well.

Me my Co-Teacher (she is awesome) and some of my co-workers. They took me to Mt. Palgong and up the cable car to see the leaves changing. It was really nice. Then they took me to dinner.

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Tony said...

my lucky number is 4 too, its a unlucky number in china, taiwan, korea