Monday, November 5, 2007

Random people this might be a regular thing, but since I have never had my own place before I would be completely unaware of this. It makes sense that things like electricity and gas need to be checked by people to make sure nothing is leaking or going to electricute poor Jakey. But what would also make sense is for them to call and make an appointment to come. Both times this happened I was home early because I had to do something or other. So randomly the doorbell rings...the first time that never happened before so I didn't know what some dude was doing outside my door. Right away he started speaking to me and I coulnd't understand him...I called my co teacher and she talked to him and blah blah blah. It turned out he was the electric guy and he knocked on my door 3 times before but I wasn't home. THAT IS WHY YOU SHOULD CALL FIRST! He seriously talked to my co teacher on my phone for like 15 mins and all my co teacher told me was that he was just there of rthe electricity. This always seems to happen. Someone is explaining something important to my translator for a long time and I usually get one sentence back to explain. It's either this language takes forever to make one comprehesible sentence or somebody is leaving something out.
The random person outside my door just happened again literally 5 mins ago. I got home early from work and some chick rings my doorbell and says "gas-uh." The first thing I could think to say was "no thank you" and thankfully she didn't understand that. She thought I was a little weird cause I started giggling at what I just answered her with. She points in my apartment and I figured this was the same deal as last time. She comes in and puts this device all around my gas range and the pipes and whatever. It made sense that this was important to check...Except after she starts to talk to me. I called my co-teacher but guess who didn't pick up! I ended up calling one of my Korean friends to help me out and she def. did. I love Hami Mommi. My Korean sister if I could choose one. Above is a picture of me and her. I would marry her if she wasn't so fucking strong. A beast I swear. I'm afraid of any woman who can beat me up.

The lady left, and i'm alive. Good shit. HAPKIDO TIME!!!

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