Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Last night was the grand opening of FIRE duck bo key place. Duck bo key is a rice noodle that looks kinda like a really thick short piece of spaghetti...finger length. The fire should be self explanitory but just in case you can't figure it out it means it's FUCKING SPICY. For the grand opening they had this clown on stilts walking outside of the place and of course, since it's right next to my apt, in front of my door too. I almost killed the guy backing my "autobike" out of my apt. Didn't see him. Alonge with the clown they were blasting Korean techno music too until like 9pm. On my way back from hapkido the owner was sitting on a chair in my hall way with his computer setting some music up and when I walked in he said in broken English that he was sorry and the music was only tonight. I told him it was fine thinking that he could understand it...I wasn't sure if he could. So tonight I was hungry and I didn't want to go anywhere. I settled for walking downstairs and eating in the new place. I walked in and ordered some fire cheese-uh duck bo key. I asked if they had some rice too because it's spicy shit. They didn't so I said hold on and ran upstairs to my apt and made some 3 min rice. The ladies in the place thought it was hilarious when I walked into the restaurant with my own rice. After they brought me some food the owner walks in and his eyes lit right up. He immediatly said hello. I assumed he knew a little english. WRONG, he used up all of his english last night. It was o.k though because between my couple words of Korean and his couple of English along with many hand motions and acting we had a small conversation. I'm almost positive his brother lives in my building and that he likes me. He pointed outside to a show case filled with models of what they call Bean-sue. It's ground up ice, a scoop of ice cream and fresh fruits on top. You mix it up together and it's a dessert. Very popular here and actually very good. He pointed and said "bean-sue, SERVICE, yeah? If you don't remember from my previous post about service, or you haven't read it, it means FREE. Music to my ears. My favorite word of all time. When ever I go to this Italian restaurant with my formentioned Korean sister Hami, the owner always gives us a free salad or some sort of delicious dish for service.******** So I went, got a biggggg bowl of cheese-uh duck bo key and some fried potato things and of course that big bowl of bean-sue. It was all only 4,000 won which is about $4.50. Delicious (ma-she-say-yo) as could be. BTW what is with the Canadian dollar being better than the U.S.A dollar?!?!? WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE?

********Side story...Another friend of mine had his parents over from Canada and they were at the bar with us. It was his dads 60th birthday and the man was celebrating. This story shows such a culture gap. The dad's name was Jan and he was awesome. Hanging with the boys if ya know what I mean. I got there and told Hami where I was and she wanted to come and hang out with all of us. In walks Hami and I introduced Jan to her. She went to shake his hand because she knows that much about our culture. She works as a translator and food service chick on the army base so she has some inside knowledge. When Jan shook her hand he took it and kissed it because that is just how we do. Hami had nooooo idea what to do because they don't do that here....so she took his hand and kissed it right back. I started cracking up and Jan did the same. She immediatly knew what we were laughing about so she also immediatly punched me. I told her that men do that not women. She was laughing afterwards too, probably because I was holding my arm in pain. What can I say, she boxes.

AS YOU ALL MUSTTT know my birthday is the 19th. This weekend a lot of friends and I are renting vans and going to the mountains for a camping trip. One night one morning. I'm dressing as warm as I can and not taking a layer off until i'm back home. But next weekend is the weekend before my birthday. Since the 19th is a Monday that makes the celebration have to take place the week before. I was trying to convince one of the bar owners to let us have a beer pong tournament on Saturday the 17th. It would bring him a lot of business and blah blah blah, but again, they don't really do beer pong here. While the owner was thinking about that my Kwan Jang Nim told me that my belt test was November 17th also at 4pm...naturally I knew he was going to say I would have my test and we would celebrate. My K.J.N also remembered my birthday so when I told him I would go downtown to meet all of my friends he basically told me that I could have my birthday at the Hapkido gym. That would involve about 30-40 foreigners, about 20 Koreans and a very large room with padded floors and nun-chucks to play with...We could probably set up a table outside for beer pong and then just have a lot of fun up there. After we leave there there are def. places around me to go out and continue the festivities. It's all up in the air though. If you have any ideas comment away.

Until next time, PEACE.

E Ta Bu ay yo

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lol, the hand kissing thing was funny :)