Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Yellow belt and a photo op.

I had 3 birthday parties. Jesus that is a lot. The first was friday night after I went to Hapkido. I went to the 930 class and then we started looking for a restaurant at 1030ish. We finally found one at 11. Sat down and ate. Of course my Korean friends ordered plenty of soju. The head teacher in my school, the guy who is in charge of all of the teachers if it wasn't obvious enough, even came out. I was unaware he spoke any english until after the first couple of bottle of soju. 30 mins in he was busting out not only words, but BIG words. I was laughing my ass off, I just never expected it from him. Anyways...then they whipped out a cake. It was this extravagant thing that was from the "cake house" which is expensive in itself. I learned some cultural things that people have to do on their birthdays. They all lead to my liver's demise. They even sang happy birthday to me in English. Of course I asked them to do it again in Korean to keep things kosher and cultural...this is when everyone in the restaurant joined in. Once again I felt like the man. After that I went to the No Re Bong (karaoke) with the Kwan Jang Nim and the rest of them. Sang a little Bon Jovi- Dead or Alive then ended up home at the end of the night.


Woke up, got my stuff together and kinda wondered around my apt. I was planning on going to the bank and then over to the gym a little early to warm up. The stretches they do isn't nearly enough so I always go earlier and stretch. White peoples bodies aren't made the same way as theirs. They are flexible little bastards. Everyone in the entire country can squat like a champ. If I mentioned before that sucks for you because i'm going to mention it again. It's like their fetal position is squatting, they were born doing it. Before anyone will teach them how to talk or walk they must get a black belt in squatting. I went to find my helmet to leave but I couldn't find it. I realized I took my bike over to the gym last night and left it there, I do that whenever I go out with them. I started walking and got there just in time for the group stretch. I was o.k...nothing big. Before the test the exhibition team was going to give a demonstration...i'm on the exhibition team...nobody told me this. We learned a quick routine...I messed up maybe once or twice but whatevs, i'm aright...nothing horrible. After that I took my test, left, and made my way downtown for my official birthday party. This part doesn't need a lot of explaining. We went ice skating that was actually really fun. Then went on these go carts where my friend almost crashed into a wall after jumping a pile of tires. After the carts we got downtown and ate dinner, then over to the bar for beer pong. There was A LOT of people there. Very very good time.

I woke up. I stayed in all day and watched like 3 movies. Relaxing day.

Monday was a normal school day, followed by Hapkido. I walked in and a whole lot of little kids came in and started saying "JAKE NUMBER 1." I was like hey hey thanks a lot kids, your pretty cool too. Then they grabbed my hang and brought me over to a board with writing on it. It was all in Korean except my name and numbers. They pointed to the top of the list and there I was. They meant I was litterally number one. I got the highest score on the test but it wasn't a surprise cause most of my competition was little kids and middle school kids. I liked it better when I thought they wanted to tell me I was their number one. We had this ceremony type thing where my K.J.N gave out the belts. I physically got my yellow belt. It felt good. After Hapkido, to the gym. And like every monday I went out with my group of friends. But this monday was my actual birthday. They bought me a couple of beers, nothing crazy...I don't think I could have handeled it. Went to bed and that was that.

I woke up. Went to work. It's been freezing in my school and today they finally turned on the heat. Nice and warm ALLLLLL day. Work ended, did my double, went to the gym and came home. When I got home there were like 5, what I guessed were high school girls, in my lobby where I park my bike. They saw me and opened the doors and split into two groups. I felt like moses...if only their uniforms were red and not black. I parked and as soon as I took my helmet off out came the questions. "Where are you from?" "New York-uh, I love-uh New York!" "Handsome, so handsome." I went right next store to order my food up to my apt and went back to my lobby to head upstairs. They started yelling "I love you" and as I was turning the corner of the stair case I felt a hand grab my arm. "PICTURE! Please-uh PICTURE." I was bundled up to my face in clothes and my helmet and back pack in my hands but I had to smile because it was so funny. They took out their cell phones like it was burning through their pockets and almost in unison they counted to three. I heard the clicks and said good night and escaped. I just ate my food, turned on my heat, and wrote you this. Now it's time to shower because I smell like HOT GARBAGE. Thanks for reading. Lates!

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Tony said...

quote " got the highest score on the test but it wasn't a surprise cause most of my competition was little kids and middle school kids."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, #1 among childrens!! you weakling!

dude, your no yellow belt, your too good!! with all that back flips etc etc when i was 10 or 12 i had yellow belt and i knew nothing!

btw, remember that old white man like you and korean highschool girls together=taboo and illegal!

sounds great man,i'm glad u had great bday parties and enjoying yourself in korea, dont' have too much fun and forget to teach the children!