Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Gu Crew Saw It Through

#1) I spent 100 bucks at costco on food. Never spent that much money on much of anything before, it was a weird reality. Chips and salsa, pretzels (co-workers never had them before), PB & J (co-workers ALSO never had before), honey nut cheerios and some sick mac and cheese. I got more than that but I'm not about to try and remember after the weekend I just had.


It was an escape from Daegu this time. The location: Busan. The mission: To "take it by storm." Personally I think the person who came up with that name is playing a little too much facebook risk but it was a catchy name none the less. This last week was a little long and a little long. It was actually the last full week that the public school teachers have. I'll explain later. Friday night was a simple night out. Some dinner, some drinks, some bullshitting...all the usual. We were all trying to save our strength for saturday. The idea was to go to Busan to watch and friend's band play at one of the local foreigner clubs. I had no objection to going because 1) the band is pretty entertaining and 2) Busan is awesome. You can't not like a beach town. Yes...a double negative. We took the KTX train saturday afternoon and got to Busan. Right out of the gates we checked out the fish market which was just as ridiculous as last time I saw it. How often do you get to see live eel's pulled out of a tank, a spike shoved thorough their heads, and then this seemingly harmless older Korean woman gut it, skin it, and chop it, all the while the thing is still squirming. Even after it's in bits it's still twitching and struggling. The most ridiculous part is when they deliver it to a table and people eat it straight up. This was a fish market with literally hundreds of little tents set up that sell the exact same thing. I have NO idea how any of them make money. While walking down the strip you see interesting things, such as a half of a pig's head...I even almost stepped on a live octopus that was trying to make a run from the bucket it was being kept in. No worries though, the lady that was supposed to be tending to the bucket ran it down and threw it back in. It was quite interesting.

After that we took a cab to the hotel and dropped our bags off. Got some dinner at TGIF and then took another cab to the university area that the band was playing. I was at this bar the last time I was in Busan and it was a lot of fun. Add music and a lot more friends that I know and it was THAT much better. For some reason a lot of people ended up without shirts on and jumping around. Sadly to say there were no girls involved but whatever, man love is entirely o.k once in a while. People were even swinging from the rafters. During the bands break the guitarist was still up there and I had an urge to rock out after hearing all these songs. I went up to him and asked him if he knew "what I got" by Sublime. Of course he did and of course we did. It was just me and him at first and then the lead singer of the band ended up on the drums...Just a blast. An all around moment if you will. After the bar we walked a block to a club. Again, people went skins and eventually a lot of people were without shirts. Drinking, dancing, singing...SICK. Went back to the hotel area around 4 and got some eats at a 24 hr korean place. It was mad good event though my buddy was falling asleep in between every other bite of food. It's no surprise that I had to slap him about 50 times through the meal but he finished and we got back. I got it on video so it's o.k.

This morning got off to a slow start but the idea was to play football on the beach. About 4 of our group bitched out and went home early, but the rest of us had a nice 5 on 5 game of football. We had a crowd of people watching us from the get go. Like regular rock stars, except not. Since my foot is messed up from sparring I was QB for my team for most of the time. This is where the shout out comes. ZACK G. 4 TD'S BY MEANS OF JAKE "THE ROCKET" LEDERMAN. It would have been like 8 td's if scott hasn't been training. HAHAHA. Hell I even scored w/ a qb sneak.

After the game it was back to the train station. While waiting for the train with two other dudes we somehow ended up being approached by this older guy and his wife. It was only polite to offer him something to drink (soju)...then it was only polite to have his wife go and buy beer for us while we killed the bottle. A very nice train ride back. Over all, I made it there and back just fine and had a jolly old time. THE GU CREW SAW IT THROUGH. Busan by storm, 2007. Han ban duh? Word.

A number of fabulous things are happening in the week to come. This week was the last real week. Wed. is the presidential election so no school. It also means that the ridiculous songs and speaker trucks that drive around blasting crazy things will go away. The week after is christmas so no school one day...and after that is my vacation and INDIA AND THAILAND. So 2 4 day work weeks and an ill vacation. Who ever said making money was hard? HA!

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