Monday, May 19, 2008

A good idea

Today I was going into my 3rd class. Right before lunch and I saw the weirdest thing. There was a student on their knees in front of some lady in a white coat checking in their mouth. The rest of the class was sitting at their desks quietly (which is weird in itself) as the teacher was looking on behind the lady in the white coat sitting down. I looked in with a puzzeled look as my co-teacher was getting worried that she would have to reschedule the classes. One of my moron students looks at me with a huge idiot smile and makes a brushing motion. It turned out that my first assumption...well second one actually, was correct. The dentist was visiting school. My first assumption when seeing a child kneeling in front of a grown up is not as...clean I suppose. If you still haven't gotten it here is a short anecdote.

-When I was 15 years I told my father I had an oral exam the next day in class. His only advice to me was to open my mouth and relax my jaw, I should do fine.-

If you were wondering, that story wasn't why this post is called "A good idea." The only thing regarding medical care in school that I can recall is getting a shot during my elementary levels because some kid had some sickness that was some kind of contagious. But imagine if America would do something like this. It's obvious, and sad, that not every family has health care. Thinking about the grown-ups it's sad, but whatever. Percentage wise, and common sense wise, the adult has a greater chance to get a job that has health care. And even if they don't would you rather see an adult suffer or a child? The child never did anything wrong except to have a parent who couldn't get them health care. I'm not bashing the less fortunate, i'm simply speaking with out that little coating of sugar we hear so much about. Now imagine if the American government could work out some kind of deal with health care providers. This deal would make sure to send doctors and dentists to all the public schools at least one time a year and provide much needed check ups. What if they were to find something? Yes it's still expensive to fix the problem that the check up found. But at least now they will know there is something wrong. If it's a minor problem the doctor/dentist/health care professional can fix it right there. If more serious...see my next idea

Let's imagine something even better. Free health care for every child in public school. There has to be some way to work out a deal to make that happen. First taking the child out of the equation for employers will make health care cheaper for the employee. I think it would also make it cheaper for the employer. Businesses big or small would have to spend less money on health care because they wouldn't have to cover the whole family, only the worker and maybe their spouses.

I wrote all this without doing any research or knowing anything about the subject really. All I know is that Korea did something I have't seen in America. And bringing a doctor or dentist to school to check up on the kids is never a bad thing...unless the doctor was formerly a priest.

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