Monday, March 22, 2010

Thank you pants inventor

Quick story...and I'm sorry for the last posts being all about bodily fluids...

These kids put everything in their mouths, well my 3 year olds do.  So when they have a wet hand I don't think much of it.  I'll still high-five them and then hit that sink and soap.  I shouldn't do that so readily.  At the end of my class last Friday,  my student Justin decided to high-five me.  Of course I left him, if I didn't he would have cried.  It was a little wet but nothing I wasn't used to.  The smile on his face was too wide for anything to be wrong.  BUT we forget...nothing is wrong in their minds.  That class left right after the high-five and I realized that his spit smelled a little funny on my hand.  Then I noticed there was a puddle on my floor.  Yeah...he pissed his pants and touched me with it.

I definitely ran out of the room and washed not just my hand, but my whole arm.  And not once, but three times.  I didn't have to clean it up, nor would I have cleaned it up.  My friend that lives in Seoul teaches K too and he said it happens about 4 times a year.  It happened once last week and today I came in to no carpet on my floor because another kid had an accident on that.  But what could I really expect?  They are basically babies.  It won't be quite so disgusting when I have my own.  Or at least I hope.

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