Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blue Balls

In class we have two poems.  One poem is called "My Toy Box"  And it goes a little something like this.  "My toy box is red, and black, and blue.  It holds balls and games and other things too."  Usually I'll have them come up and find the X's or, because they've memorized it, they come up and face the class and recite.  Recently I've been pointing to words and they say them.  It's not really reading per say, but they are starting to recognize words, so I guess you can say it's readingish.

Anyway, I started pointing.  First, I started with the "My"  Then I just happened to point to Balls, and, even if you don't believe it, it was an accident.  After that I couldn't restrain myself.  Next was "".  I immediately started laughing and blurted out that they had no idea what they just said.  But since they are just little kids, and I was laughing, they started laughing.  And their Korean teacher, who can't speak English, started laughing because the kids were cracking up.  Maybe one day they'll figure it out.  Good times.

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