Friday, September 17, 2010

Nostalgic Demons

I was a very very difficult student to have in the classroom.  If I ever see my K-8 teachers (not that I was THAT much better from 9-12) I will probably apologize for taking at least a couple of years off of their lives.  We got a student that is named Jake.  Of course his real name isn't Jake, but we give them English names.  The teachers chose it, because I would not have named him that.  He is a problem child.  Not as bad as me, but still pretty irritating. 

I must have been yelled at more than I remember because even to this day I flinch when I hear a teacher yell "JAKE".  And then, immediately following the coarse scolding, a feeling of guilt comes over me as if I was the one who did something wrong.  I look around almost expecting to see one of my teachers pointing a finger at me.  I feel like it's a time machine taking me back to the classrooms I use to sit in.  This all happens over a second, but it sucks anyway.  The worst part is when I have to teach his class and I end up yelling "JAKE".  It is severely sucky.

Please, no more students name least not shitty ones.

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Anonymous said...

what up jake?

too lazy to figure how to log into this as me, but this is hari. i'm lucky to have a rare name. instead i always think people are talking to me when i overhear them saying things like "alright". whatever.

what i wanted to say though, is that we have a kid named jake in our school who's a pain. probably the most difficult kid in the class that my coteacher who has the most problems with students says is her most difficult class. but i wouldn't call him the worst in the school. the interesting part though, is that i haven't given any of them english names. his korean name is jake, or actually 재익. thought you might be interested to hear your name is also a korean name. catch you later :)