Monday, October 25, 2010

Gotta be careful

When you work with such small kids you don't have to worry quite so much about then coming to class drunk or stoned since they are basically babies.  You also don't have to really worry about their homework because most of them don't do it's kinda easy though.  The biggest things you have to worry about are things you don't quite think about. 

Putting their chairs far enough, both next to and behind, is the first thing to remember.  This is so they don't kick the person in front of them or rest their legs on their friends lap.  Or any other number of things they like to do...such as picking their friends nose and trying to eat it which happened today. 

You have to make sure not to do anything too crazy without being ready to calm them down immediately, or else you will spend the entire period telling them not to do that thing. 

Don't feel bad if they cry when you punish them.  The cuter they are the harder it is to scold them.  But you gotta stick to your guns or the ones you don't like so much and that get in trouble all the time will feel like crap. 

Don't high five a kid with a wet hand...usually it's pee.

Don't let them go the bathroom unless they are doing the pee-pee dance or holding their pee-pee parts.  If you do they all want to go to the bathroom. 

Same deal with tissues...unless they sneeze and it's obvious they need one.

Don't start the class letting them get wild.  Make them raise their hands...then as time goes on, let them call out a little and get a little more excited.

Keep their attention.  If you lose it...forget it man, it's gone. 

There are infinitely more things to be careful of.  It's quite tiring sometimes!