Thursday, December 4, 2008


YO READERS (basically my parents and brother),

Sorry I haven't written anything in a looong looooong while, but if you have been following at all, I have been away and busy for a couple of months since I've left Korea. I just recently got back into New York after back packing through Europe. Knowing I'm going to be home for more than 2 weeks, and then actually being home is a weird feeling. I feel like I do nothing because I have been running around for the last year and months. Now I'm home and today I had to go to Jury Duty. It doesn't get much worse than that...except for the dentist I'll have to go to in a couple of days. So basically I just sit around and try to plan stuff to do but nobody does stuff. So here I am, waiting to go back to Korea or find someone who likes to enjoy life a little. Of course I'm over-exaggerating, but that is what it feels like for me to sit still. Hence, my interest in writing for my blog multiplied like bunnies on MDMA after the big man bunny was in bunny prison for 17 months with a roommate named Thumper.

While away, don't worry. I took notes and wrote a half ass journal of most of the shit that I did, which I just now realized I can use to write stuff here. Swear...I thought about you guys. Of course I can't write it all in this one post right now because I have neither the time nor the want to do it, but what I will do is the rundown (awesome movie) of what you will see later on or even...'look forward to,' if I dare.

First was Prague- fun, bone church

Poland- salt mines and Auschwitz. As well as a split train.

Slovakia- 8 Hour hike. Came with snow.

Hungary- Budapest me baby. Mom is wanted in Hungary.

Austria- Hostel sucked, stayed with locals.

Germany- Oktoberfest (or the 2 seconds I remember of it), Berlin, a train ride to remember.

Slovenia- 1st Couch Surfed, more locals, salsa dancing, tree climbing, bare foot Australian.

Croatia- Plitvice lakes, awesome Hvar island, Split, Dubrovnik. MAD AUSSIES. ANDDDD the Aqua Deuce TM.

Montenegro- Pretended I was James Bond and then did NOTHING!

Italy- Naples:pizza, Pompeii:ruins, Rome:Vatican, Florence:BaseCamp, CINQUE TERRE (hiking heaven/beach heaven).

SWITZERLAND- My favorite. Never a dull moment with awesome people. Canyoning, Bungee, Helidive.

Spain- 27 hrs of trains. Madrid 2 night stop over. Expo cannabis with the Grow Shop Spaniard.

Portugal (A close 2nd to Switz)- Lisbon and Porto. Couch surfing part deux w/ Miguel and the 2 German couch surfers. Blew up a stove, experienced Fado, went to judo with champs, got beat up by said champs, and an obscene amount more.

France- Paris for a couple hours. Eh

Belgium- Stayed in Bruges 1 night. Tried the best beer (voted) for 2008 that is brewed by monks in a well as many more local beers. Hitch hiked to the train station and went to....

HOLLAND- Amsterdam. Enough said.

Sounds like fun right? You have NO idea. I'll be writing more frequently now. I go back to Korea in February. Hopefully I'll be doing stuff in New York that is worthy of writing about. Keep reading. Ciao. NOW LET'S GO BUNGEE JUMPING!