Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween party and Halloween in school

Let me start off by saying the Halloween party was out of control. My friend Angela came to my apt first to drop her shit off and change for down town. We eventually left and made our way down town by taxi. My students roam the streets where I live so I did not put on my costume until we go into the car. Angela dressed up in minimal clothing and some wings. I dressed up as a big fat sumo wrestler. The costume had a fan in it that blew air into the suit to blow it up. It is the funniest thing in the world as you can see above. The second I got out of the taxi every Korean in sight started pointing and laughing and talking to each other about the silly foreigner. We met a bunch of our friends in front of the police station that we haven't seen since orientation. I had to show them where the other people that we knew who came into Daegu were staying. Art and Dave were going to stay with them. None of them were dressed up and so far it was only Angela and I in costume. On the way to the hotel I met up with my Korean friends and even they were dressed up. But they had pre-planned a cover up outfit so none of their korean friends would see them. Korean people in general are really worried about what they look like and how people view them. But these girls didn't care as much as the rest of them because they at least had a costume that was of course cutsie. Us 6 met up with some more people that came in in a big group and went to eat dinner. the whole way there people were laughing at us and coming up to me to poke me and take pictures. There were a couple of halloween parties going on down town so there were a lot of foreigners dressed up. When we walked around in a group they gathered to watch like it was a big parade. Now you see, I knew there were going to be a lot of people coming but I didn't really expect THAT many. When we got to the bar it was PACKED OUT! Apparently EVERY single person I mentioned the party to came. That was the first time that has ever happened. People came all the way from the northern most part of south korea (7 hours away) and also some flew from the small island of Jeju off the south western tip of Korea. It was a mob scene...but it was nice to have all my friends in one place drinking together. So many drinks and a couple of close calls with lit cigarettes and my ballon costume later, it was time for the costume contest. When it was my turn to get up on the chair someone opened the back of my costume to let all the air out. I didn't know it happened and I couldn't figure out why it wasn't inflating. I already got down from the chair when I realized someone sabotaged me! Bastards. I didn't win or even place but there were some pretty funny costumes so it was allll good. After all of that it was time to leave the crowded bar and head to an even more crowded club. I took my costume off when I got there and put it in a locker and proceeded to the dance floor. All in all it was a great night. We said our goodbyes and off people were.

The monday at school I was to start my halloween lesson. I took my costume into school and when I brought it out it smelled like cigarettes. Luckly I let it air out. For my lesson we ordered a helium tank to blow up a lot of orange balloons so the kids could draw on them like a Jack-o-lantern. We got a lot of bowls so the kids could bob for apples...I made a kick ass power point presentation also. My favorite part was this video

Watch it and then come back to reading. Make sure the volume is up REALLY loud so you can hear what they are whispering.

Basically I played that in on the t.v screen and scared the shit out of every student. Some I think had a mini heart attack. I had some tongue twisters later in the lesson and a cool trick or treat game. At least half of the students dressed up, in one class every single student dressed up (but they are my favorite and they know it. SO eager to please me). I told them if they did I would have a costume contest and give them some stuff I brought from home if they won. I had some pennies and nickles and glow sticks...etc. All in all they had a great time and it was a nice break from the hard work that most of them do. I still have a couple more days of halloween lessons, basically this whole week, but I am not complaining. It's a good time.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Halloween night

I have some stuff to tell all of you, but unfortunatly i'm still busy. But here is what to look foward to! Yesterday was my Hapkido exhibition. There were 11 teams and only one white kid. Some of my co-workers came to see me and two of my friends, but my coworkers left because we were suppose to eat dinner with the rest of the 6th grade teachers and my group was suppose to go 5th but got pushed back until 10th. Basically I missed a dinner that was suppose to be for me. It was all worth it because we got "first grade" which means we were the best. Even though it wasn't a comp. there was still award for the best team. I don't know if we were really the best or everyone was just impressed that they saw a white kid fly. Don't care, it was cool. I felt great.

That is it for tonight, I gotta get myself to the foreigner halloween party. It's gonna be funny. All the korean people down town are def. going to wonder why all the foreigners are walking around in costumes. It's gonna be great. I'll catch you up to speed later.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

keep checkin keep checking. I'll post something else soon. I got stuff to write about, just no time to do it. been busy lately with abc english (disaster) and getting my halloween lesson ready. Also my first Hapkido tournament is this friday at about 5...it's really crazy stuff we are doing. Stuff I haven't done since I was in gymnastics and dance. Take all that and add on making a back-up costume for the HUGE daegu halloween party just in case my costume doesn't pan out and you got one busy Jake. I'll make sure to get something better up soon. STAY FAITHFULL! And leave some comments for god sakes, I need some feedback!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Kidnapped and snot sucker

So last night like I said I went to dinner at my co workers house. We ate and drank some soju. I was going to leave and go downtown to hang with some friends for a little and I told him I was going to go at like 9:30...basically he didn't let me leave his apt. He kept me kidnapped and kept feeding me soju. I didn't mind though, I saved money from not going down town. After that we went and played some billiards (4 ball, much better than regular pool...which they call pocket ball...and pocket ball is only for ladies). Then we left and went over to my Hapkido gym and had some more soju with my Kwan Jang Nim and Sau Baum Nim. Basically they wouldn't let me leave either and I ended up getting home at 2am. My nose immediatly stuffed up and I couldn't sleep. This morning I woke up and right away called my co-teacher and told her I was too sick to come into work. I really did feel like shit. Not like I drank too much sick but like my nose was clogged, throat was dry, and not a lot of sleep sick. So I slept more and got woken up by a delivery man with a package for me. Then my co-teacher insisted that I go to a clinic to get some medicine and get checked out. Since I took the day off I went with her.

When I got there it looked kinda like a dr's office should. It was an ear nose and throat doctor so there were some weird machines I never saw before off to the right. I got in there and sat in the chair. His english was surprisingly good. This was a little odd...he brought out this thing that blew smoke or something smoke like in my mouth, then squirt some liquid in my nose and blew more smoke in there too...uncomfortable to say the least. The worst part was still to come. He took out this suction device this and stuck it straight up my nose. First only right in my nose and literally started sucking the snot out of my head. Then he decided there was a lot and stuck it even further up there which was one of the most uncomfortable things that has happened to me since i've been there. Finally he was done sucking the snot, and possibly some of my brains, out of my dome piece (gangster for head). I went with a nurse and sat down in front of this machine and she gave me this round short piece to stick once again in my nose. It squirt something up there and dripped out...I wasn't sure if I was suppose to breath in or not. Then she gave me another piece with water in it. I guessed it was a humidifier (sp?). It was and it again got turned on and humidified my nostrils. It was messy. Then the last thing was this piece that I held near my mouth and it was another smoke thing device. After that I went back to the chair and he took a picture of my nostril, never saw the inside before. Not too attractive. He gave me a perscription and I went down to the pharmacy and got some pills. I actually felt 100% better. After the discomfort it was nice to breath again. My co-teacher treated me to some chicken soup. I was surprised when she said that because I was expecting grandma's chicken soup. But it was more chicken soup in the literal sense. It was soooo delicious. A bowl full of soft rice, and well, pieces of chicken. I ate almost all of it and the rest is in my fridge for b fast tomorrow morning. It was a good day all together and now I feel fine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Today I went to hapkido like anyother day. We learned how to defend against a side kick. For some reason the foot work with the hand work I couldn't get it. There is a certain way to grip the leg, a certain place to step foward with your foot, then a way to sweep your foot on the floor so you can sweep the other foot to spin around with...then there is a certain thing you have to do with your other foot and a certain thing you have to do with your hip and then the man will certainly hit the floor....hard. A couple of times my Kwan Jang Nim said "good good" and gave me the thumbs up...but that was only 2 times out of the 30 times or so I drilled. My K.J.N stepped in to show me how to do it but he moves so fast even when he moves slow it's hard to see. I don't know, I was pissed off that I couldn't get it. Then my Sau Bam Nim stepped in to work with me and this is just a rediculously fast and rediculously amazing martial artist. A world champion. He decided it would be funny to see if I could defend against a fast kick. I COULDN'T EVEN GET THE SLOW KICK DOWN. So he kicks me as fast as he can...I didn't even touch his leg before it was already back. He didn't kick me that hard but it was pretty funny how fast this guy was. I kinda feel like this is the first time I "failed" them because I couldn't do something but whatever, the time had to come.

In about 10 mins i'm getting picked up by my co-worker and Hapkido partner to go to his house. His wife and him invited me over for dinner. After that i'm gonna head down town to loosen up with some friends. Today is a sad day for the Jake Man.

p.s...I got my first nick name. I got it because I hold the foozeball table handles like a spec. ed kid....They call me Corky...the spec. ed guy from "life goes on." They thought it was even funnier (and so did I) when they found out that I was actually in spec ed. AND rode the short bus to school cause I got kicked off the big one. OOO man good times. I'll be back at this blog in a couple of days since I had to cancel my Seoul/casino trip because i'm saving for India....which also reminds me I have to blog about that. SO CHECK BACK SOON. LATERZ

Monday, October 15, 2007

Paint ball and slapping

So I went paintballing sunday...I stole a hat and got shot a couple of times. ALSO when asian girls want to get others attention they smack the shit out of their backs. Really random two things but I only have a couple of mins and...well fuck off if you don't like it. Paintball was great, asian chicks are better. I'll do both again...PEACE!

Monday, October 8, 2007

White water and white foam

This weekend I went to a province called Kongwondo. I took 2 buses and a cab to get to a town called Bong-Peyon...population 3,000 people. I met my friend Art there and we went out to dinner. We ordered one dish, and actually a second one by accident...but it didn't matter because the guy brought out 3 other dishes and kept saying "service!" That is Konglish for free. So we got a huge meal and my buddy picked up the tab because he loves me. Then we went out to a bar a little buzzed and ordered more beer and soju. After a long day of traveling it was necessary. We were at the bar and met these Korean kids. It turned out they were really kids and only in highschool. But whatever, it was fun. It turned out they were friends with the bar keeper and they paid for all our drinks. So that night I DIDN'T SPEND A PENNY! I love small town life. We went back to my friends house and he pulled down an attic latter, we climbed and there was a room to sleep in. It was so funny. It's a small ski town so he lives at like this bed and breakfast place. His landloard even does his laundry for him. What a lucky dick. Anyway needless to say he is right by the mountains. The next morning we woke up at 7 am and walked out his door and 4 mins to the right. We found the trail head and started hiking. 2 hour hike, it was beautiful and good to sweat out the night before. Showered and then took 2 more buses to the place we needed to get to. We were suppose to meet up with our friends at 11:50 and we got there at 11:48. Talk about close calls. When we got there we met up with friends from orientation and a couple of people I didn't know. We did some more traveling to an adventure place and went white water rafting. Rapids weren't that big but it was still a good time. We then proceeded to celebrate after a short trip back to town. Celebrated what you might ask...BEING ALIVE! It's worth a celebration ain't it? Anyway, after getting given 1,000 won ($1) by some Aussie embassy worker who spoke english because I was that much short for my second and longest bus ride back home. No atm and my credit card needed a pin number...didn't have it and the bus left in 15 mins. If you guys see any Australians in need GIVE THEM A HAND!The seats were awesome and comfy and after all that traveling I went downtown to pick up the book "The God Delusion." Complex sentences and eh right now, still interesting. Got some food, and now i'm home. I'm fucking exhausted right now and I don't even know why i'm writing all of this instead of sleeping.
I was tired at school, but then pepped up because I realized it was time for Hapkido. I took the first class with the younger kids, then I decided to stay for the second one. Hell it's free why not! So I took the second class with the advanced kids and we were doing so much more fun things like spinning back kicks and double kicks and some crazy flippy spiny kick. The kids are older and better. I can def. learn a lot more doing this class but i'm only going to double up once or twice a week...maybe three times if i'm feeling like a champ. Other than that I'M SO TIRED and I start ABC English tomorrow...so i'm going to hit the sack...or the floor actually. Yo-style baby. Until next time, peace out!

p.s-i'll put pictures up later. It's taking too long now*

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soon Dae

There is this food called SOON DAE. That is how it's said. I was taken there by co workers before that hapkido demonstration. I wouldn't say I got tricked into eating it but I wasn't informed. On the awning when I was walking in I saw that there was a picture of a pig...like every food place in Korea there is a picture of either what your eating or what the dishes look like. Really dumbs it down for the foreigners. I can't tell you how many times I get the waiter to walk outside to the pictures and I point and put up one finger. It's easiest sometimes. Annnyywho, I didn't think anyone of the food because like I said, I already saw the picture of the pig and there is A LOT of pork in this country. So I sit down and presented with a bowl of soup and in it is what looks like maybe mushrooms and noodles wrapped in a piece of tubular meat. I wasn't thinking I was just eating and watching chuck noris on the big flat screen t.v. It was good. After I went to the Hapkido thing and that was that.

At night time I went to this opera with some friends and I told my friend scott that I ate soondae...He immediatly said "EWWWW THAT IS SOMETHING I CAN'T EAT." I was immediatly scared to find out what it was...but I asked anyway. I found out it was noodles wrapped in intestines (that explains the tube shape) kindey's and liver. MMMmmMmMmm! They are lucky they didn't tell me what it was before or I would have ran out of there!

Monday, October 1, 2007

ABC English

Just to let you know, I don't proof read these things so if there is a mistake JUST DEAL WITH IT! Anyway.

I have to start this thing called abc english. Not so excited for this. It is a program for poorer kids and I have to call about 6-12 of them over the course of an hour and talk to them for at least a little bit. If their English is as bad as some of my students the conversation will be basically like the following:

Me: Hello
Them: Hello Jay-kuh
Me: How are you?
Them: I'm fine thank you
Me: What did you do today?
Them: Nice to meet you Jay-kuh
Me: How is the weather outside?
Them: So Hansome
me: Can you tell me what day it is?
Them: I love you

.....I hope it's not what I think it is

Last night

This was funny...last night I was trying to find a chicken place to eat so I was riding around on my motorcycle to different places. It is really difficult to ask if they have something because when they say no they tell you they have something else...see, I only practiced how to ask for something. I haven't gotten to the listening part. Soooo about 5 restaurants and 30 mins later as i'm still looking for some damn chicken my phone vibrates. So i pull off the road and onto the side walk (which is completely legal...I could ride my bike on the sidewalk if I wanted to and I wouldn't get in trouble) to answer it. It's my co-worker Karl. He text me the following: "Here is gym now. Hi Jake. What r u doing now? If u want to drink some Alcohol, please calee me." So of course I called. I heard loud people in the back ground so they obviously already started. The hapkido gym had a tourny yesterday and I found out they did very well. 1st and 3rd place. I dropped my bike off at home and took a cab over to the gym to find a big flat grill set up outside in the drive way on the side of the gym and about 10 Koreans around it. Immediatly they poured me soju, this was a good time to practice my customs and my Korean. Every word I said in Korean every single one of them went "ooooOOOOO" like they were surprised and happy that I knew it. My Kwon Jong Nim was blitzed, it was hilrious. Everyone was explaining to me that it is a brother hood and told me that I should call them Hyoung Nim, or older brother, because we are a family. It was nice of them...My kwon jong nim was telling me that he is my father and I am his hapkido son..he speaks really broken english, all of them do except for my co worker, but it was soooo funny anyway. My co worker was also pretty drunk. He happens to have the two cutest kids though. I know I think all asian kids are adorable but what can I say, they are! So after I demonstrated my massive amount of Korean (about 15 words) the hugging started. One of the guys even told me that I was sooo strong and came behind me and grabbed my boobs. He told karl to tell me "it's not gay in korea." It was a little weird but not that bad. Even weirder the same guy wanted to keep hugging me and once in a while he would tap me on my butt, all I could do was crack up. My Kwon Jong Nim kept telling me we should fight tomorrow, of course I said hell nooooo. After that Kwon Jong Nim (captain) wanted to sing, so me K.J.N, my co worker, my sah bom nim (assistant captain) and the ass slapper went to the no re bong (karaoke) and started rocking. Needless to say we drank more mek jew (beer)and sang our heads off. My K.J.N told me he wanted to wrestle me tomorrow and I told him as long as he promised not to kick me I would do it. I'm gonna get my ass kicked but hopefully I can at least take him down. When I picked hotel california my k.j.n couldn't stop saying "Jake-uh you make so happy." They all call me Jake-uh which is also...well funny. After the whole night the wife of the ass slapper came to pick us up and drive us home because all of them weren't in any condition to walk let alone drive. I was fine because I came late to the party. I was back home and in bed by 12. I'm feeling fine and ready to learn how to kick someone's head off. I'll tell you tomorrow about my first experience.