Friday, August 31, 2007


So we all went our different ways and went off to our cities. We just arrived in Daegu and we are all (about 14 of us) sitting in a room waiting for our co-teachers to show up so we can meet them. I'm just hoping I make a good first impression and we get along. It would make for an easier time if I get a good co-teacher. I hope she isn't hot or I might have a hard time concentrating. Daegu is a big city, not too big which is nice...the whole place is surrounded by mountains. I haven't seen my apt yet but I know it's in a brand new area..just built. So the apt should be nice, and I can flush toilet paper! SWEET!

I'll let you know how that goes after.

Monday, August 27, 2007

J.P from grandma's boy as a roommate

When I got here I was the only one in this dorm room. I thought we would all have our own rooms for the week of orientation, or at least some of us. When I found out that we were most likely getting roommates I didn't think anything of it because everyone is pretty cool. Only a couple of weird people but there is a couple in every bunch. I forgot that I have horrible luck when it comes to people putting me with others. This guy is probably about late 30's and seemed relatively normal at first even though his hairline starts half way up his head. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Every morning around 5ish or 6ish I get half woken up by someone first I was a little confused because nobody was in the room except for me and him. That doesn't seem to matter though because this guy straight up talks to himself. It's so creepy it's not funny. He doesn't only just talk but he has both sides of the conversation out loud. And this isn't a couple of lines here or there, it's a really long ass conversation. I would give him another couple of years and he will be exactly like J.P from the movie grandma's boy...Just my luck, i'm just hoping he isn't a serial killer or using my soap and towel when i'm not around. Yikes. Besides the fact that this guy has in depth conversations with him self which is weird's not like i'm not sleeping. STOP WAKING ME UP! I'm gonna try to keep my mouth shut because it's only a couple of more days but if he touches my stuff and moves it again or keeps this talking b.s up i'm gonna have to say something. Wish me luck


If you think New York or where ever you are is hot and humid you obviously haven't been to Korea. It is the most humid place ever. Especially after the rainy season it is really bad. Everybody is always dripping, it could be worse though. At least after aug. it eases up. I have a lot to write but lectures are about to start and I have to go down stairs...but to leave you on a happy note....they have this wonderful thing here called soju. It's a rice liquor. A bottle of soju is only 1,000 won which is $1. This stuff is great, it' tastes just fine and makes you feel finer. We (the teachers) have been going out every night to a bar down the street and instead of buying stuff there, which is still cheap, i just walk in with a bottle of soju and play drinking games.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT A FUCKING TOWEL! They gave me one that is the size of one ass check. Seriously it's small. Peace out, i'm going to sleep
O.K. First let me tell you the pain in the ass it was to try to see this site in english. Automatically everything is in that makes sense because i am Korea. BUT with an american computer you can understand the frustration. Especially after I spent a night out at the bar with a mix of Americans, Canadians, Scottish folk, Irish peoples, and of course the Welsh. The time I was here I just thought I was in flushing with all the Koreans and assorted asian folk. It didn't hit me that I was actually in a foreign country until I saw the construction workers. The construction workers were Korean...DUHHHH. In America they are Mexican. I never thought I would say this but I miss my mexicans. Even the guys that do the no say jobs are Korean. It's so crazy. When I can figure out how to get pictures up i'll definitely put them up...there are some funny ones. But for now...I am going to take my nice shower in that small ass room they call a the way....side can't flush toilet paper in the have to throw it in the garbage next to it. GROSS. Hopefully that is only in this dorm and not in the 3rd largest city where I am going to be. I solved that problem by crapping in the lobby. Let them clean my poop out of the garbage. WTF! haha, whatever. This is quite a place, I wouldn't trade it for N.Y quite yet. Enjoy your lives! Get back at you later

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Posts soon

I'll start writing on the plane