Friday, September 17, 2010

Nostalgic Demons

I was a very very difficult student to have in the classroom.  If I ever see my K-8 teachers (not that I was THAT much better from 9-12) I will probably apologize for taking at least a couple of years off of their lives.  We got a student that is named Jake.  Of course his real name isn't Jake, but we give them English names.  The teachers chose it, because I would not have named him that.  He is a problem child.  Not as bad as me, but still pretty irritating. 

I must have been yelled at more than I remember because even to this day I flinch when I hear a teacher yell "JAKE".  And then, immediately following the coarse scolding, a feeling of guilt comes over me as if I was the one who did something wrong.  I look around almost expecting to see one of my teachers pointing a finger at me.  I feel like it's a time machine taking me back to the classrooms I use to sit in.  This all happens over a second, but it sucks anyway.  The worst part is when I have to teach his class and I end up yelling "JAKE".  It is severely sucky.

Please, no more students name least not shitty ones.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bus Stop Ridicule

I was standing at the bus stop outside of a Homeplus (a Walmart type place) after just finishing teaching.  There was a mom and a 3 year old girl standing under the awning with me.    The girl was jumping around and singing an English song, no doubt that she learned at her school.  She was also looking at me while she was singing it.  She is the same age and size of my students so I had to tell her good job.  "Good job", I said to her.  Of course she looks up at me with an unsure expression, as all Korea kids do after they try to get your attention and succeed.

I said to her "high five" and presented my hand for her to slap.  My students love this very much...that and touching my arm "fur"...or as they say it "puh".  The little girl of course didn't slap my hand...but instead did something MUCH better.  She looked up at her mother, and then me, and said in Korean "pervert".  I couldn't believe this little 3 year old girl called me that.  I started laughing really hard because this little girl had some big balls.  Her mother gasped, as if she couldn't believe that her little angel even knew that word. 

I went back to reading my book but still standing next to them waiting for the bus.  About a minute later the little girl turned to me and, again in Korea, demanded to know who I was.  I told her "I'm Jake teacher."  Then she said something else to her mother which I didn't understand, but it had to not be nice because her mother covered her mouth and whisked her onto the bus that came a little too late.

It was very very funny.