Friday, May 21, 2010

The Piano Man

If you are a sensitive soul, read no further.  This could get offensive...But I don't care.  It's all without hate and in good fun.

My apartment has to be close to a school for the...what is the PC term these days...Mentally deficient?  ILL IN DA MINDED?  Whatever, you get the point.  Everyday, I ride my bike to school (rain permitting) and I see one of three people.  I've see two of them sporadically, and the third I see almost everyday.  I couldn't help but to give them names for my own entertainment. 

The first I've seen about three times.  I call him The Mad Rapper.  He walks back and fourth in front of a tire store speaking really fast and moving his hand up and down like he is pounding his fist on a desk.  He makes me want to study more Korean so I can understand what he is saying.  But I'll tell you, he's got passion for whatever he's rapping about.

The second person, I believe is a SHE, I like to call The E-static Scarecrow.  I see her about once every two weeks...aka twice a month.  Stands about 20 meters from where The Mad Rapper stands and NEVER on the same day he is there.  She definitely has Down Syndrome from her facial features, but she has to be the happiest people I have ever seen.  She stands on the sidewalk right near the street and stares diagonally across the intersection sans movement.  She stares with the most intensity, and the biggest smile I have ever seen.  It is a very big intersection with many things to look at, and whenever I pass it I always try to figure out exactly what she is so happy about.  It might just be the traffic going through, or the traffic light changing, but there is definitely something there worth staring at for her.  I don't know what...but whenever I pass, she looks at me and her smile gets THAT much bigger.  As if she is saying to me "hey, you GOTTA check this shit out". 

The third person, is a man I see every day in front of a seafood restaurant.  He can only be dubbed THE PIANO MAN.  On rainy days I call him The Pianist, because it is more depressing and fit for a cloudy and lethargic day.  Think of it like an E minor instead of an E Major.  But he stands sometimes alone, and sometimes with a woman who I am guessing, for lack of a better word, is his "aid".  He is a tall skinny man, with a dark colored ball cap, a dark long sleeve shirt, and dark blue jeans.  He wears a smile, and while his right hand completes all of his necessary motions, his left hand stays clutched by his side, with is thumb pointing up.  His fingers open and close from, pinky to pointer, in a cannon.  And they never stop moving.  I always feel like he is playing an instrument and I wonder what would happen if an instrument was put in front of him, and then his hand on top of it.

All of these people are unlucky in the scheme of accepted life, but I think, for their lives, they are perfectly content.  They don't look homeless, and I'm sure have families and places to live.  Which is why I am able to joke about them without regret or sadness.  Happiness is easy when your life is simple.  Especially for The Piano Man (it's not raining today) because he is well cared for by that woman who stands with him, always joking and play fighting with him...although sometimes she delivers quite a punch to his arm (which he isn't phased by).  He talks a mile a minute to her and even tries to chase her sometimes.  

My ride to work is only 5 minutes...and I see all of them for about 15 seconds.  But 15 seconds everyday, I can kinda put together a running idea of what their morning is like.  It's very interesting. 


The Burqa Ban

If you've been keeping up with the news then you would have probably heard that France is trying to pass a law that makes wearing Burqa's, and anything else that covers your face, in public illegal.  They are saying that it is unjust to allow a man, a group, or even a religion to dictate that a person MUST cover themselves in public.  In addition to the French messing with a religion, they are messing with the most dangerous one.  All over the world people seem to be getting fed up with Islam, speaking out, and then getting attacked or killed for it.  From the French trying to ban the Burqa, to a Facebook group called "Draw Mohammad Day".  People are getting pissed off about how volatile Islams' followers can be.  It makes me angry when people get ANGRY about such trivial shit.  It's your religion, yes, I know.  But why does it needed to be defended with such ferocity? 

I am a Jew.  Not a religious one, and definitely not a practicing one...but I am a JEW.  Jews have been, and are (fo' sho'), made fun of everyday.  We have been killed and hated on throughout history.  We are poked and prodded and everything in between.  But we stay calm and show power through the ability to endure and come back.  Because, when it comes down to it, we've been through it all as a people. 

The more Islam acts out the more criticism they face.  The Facebook group, in my opinion, started because of the cartoonist in Sweden (I think), who drew Mohammad in a newspaper a few years ago, and still is being physically attacked for it.  The masses are saying ENOUGH with all the bullshit and violence.  And so am I.  SOOOO, leave it to the French to make the first anti-group law against Islam for whatever reasons they have.  I have to say, in this case, I'm with them on it. 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blue Balls

In class we have two poems.  One poem is called "My Toy Box"  And it goes a little something like this.  "My toy box is red, and black, and blue.  It holds balls and games and other things too."  Usually I'll have them come up and find the X's or, because they've memorized it, they come up and face the class and recite.  Recently I've been pointing to words and they say them.  It's not really reading per say, but they are starting to recognize words, so I guess you can say it's readingish.

Anyway, I started pointing.  First, I started with the "My"  Then I just happened to point to Balls, and, even if you don't believe it, it was an accident.  After that I couldn't restrain myself.  Next was "".  I immediately started laughing and blurted out that they had no idea what they just said.  But since they are just little kids, and I was laughing, they started laughing.  And their Korean teacher, who can't speak English, started laughing because the kids were cracking up.  Maybe one day they'll figure it out.  Good times.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Jew

About a week ago my school took all the kids to the ZOO.  Except most of the kids don't say 'zoo'...the other teachers too.  They have a hard time with the Z sound so it comes out as Joo, or Jew.  They were all saying stuff about the zoo such as "teacher today we are going to the Jew" and every time in my head I couldn't help but think ' go to the Jew everyday for English class'.  Anyway, they were all wearing their assorted summer wear.  Big sunglasses, ridiculous sun hats that their parents made them wear, and they all had these mats to sit on for lunch.

When we got there, there were many schools on field trips.  It was busy busy busy.  The kids sat down on the grass, which was difficult with 300 3-5 year olds, and left their bags where they were sitting.  We split up into classes and walked around a little.  This was kind of stupid because we went to maybe 5 different enclosures and spent about 5 minutes looking at each one.  The teacher walked us right by a cool jaguar , wolf, and another big cat, that I saw only because I could see over the other schools kids heads, and completely skipped the bear cage.  I even saw the elephant come out as the kids were walking past it.  They couldn't see the elephant because it was up the stairs.  But as the teaching was hurrying past it, I was lifting the kids up to see it quickly one by one as the line was still moving. 

After the 30 minutes of walking around and the pictures the teacher wanted instead of showing the kids other animals...we went back to the grass for lunch.  I stuffed my face with KimBop (kinda like sushi but no fish) and Jap Chae (cold noodles) and Cho Bop (yummy mixed rice wrapped in tofu).  I also had a BLT (minus the T cause I hate raw tomato).  It was probably the best part of the day.  After lunch we played with the kids which was basically running around and chasing them, then being chased, all the while dodging kicks and punches to the butt and groin.  They can be vicious little kids sometimes.

All in all a good day, just wished we had more time to walk around and check out the animals.  What was funny is that they had a HUGE enclosure for the rare and elusive goose....It was a little ridiculous.