Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soon Dae

There is this food called SOON DAE. That is how it's said. I was taken there by co workers before that hapkido demonstration. I wouldn't say I got tricked into eating it but I wasn't informed. On the awning when I was walking in I saw that there was a picture of a every food place in Korea there is a picture of either what your eating or what the dishes look like. Really dumbs it down for the foreigners. I can't tell you how many times I get the waiter to walk outside to the pictures and I point and put up one finger. It's easiest sometimes. Annnyywho, I didn't think anyone of the food because like I said, I already saw the picture of the pig and there is A LOT of pork in this country. So I sit down and presented with a bowl of soup and in it is what looks like maybe mushrooms and noodles wrapped in a piece of tubular meat. I wasn't thinking I was just eating and watching chuck noris on the big flat screen t.v. It was good. After I went to the Hapkido thing and that was that.

At night time I went to this opera with some friends and I told my friend scott that I ate soondae...He immediatly said "EWWWW THAT IS SOMETHING I CAN'T EAT." I was immediatly scared to find out what it was...but I asked anyway. I found out it was noodles wrapped in intestines (that explains the tube shape) kindey's and liver. MMMmmMmMmm! They are lucky they didn't tell me what it was before or I would have ran out of there!


Tony said...

Hey there Jake!

Hope all is well buddy, I'm cracking up here as I enjoy my beef noodle soup (no intestines fortuantely).

I can only imagine the next time you get trick into eating something, hopefully it will be cow testicle!! (not being sarcastic, my friend accidently ate one in korea)

sam lederman said...

considering that you ONLY ate white rice and chicken growing up, this is shocking.