Monday, February 11, 2008

India and Thailand trip. First couple of days.

What's up Yall. Hope ur still checking this blog out, it's been a while since my last post. I came back from India and went straight into 2 weeks and 3 days of english camp. I haven't been that busy all year. After that I went into vacation and I was too busy relaxing so I had no desire what-so-ever to write. Today is my first day back at school and there are no classes so here goes nothing.


The YouTube video below should say it all but just incase your left wondering about more i'll give you a quick run down of that adventure.

We flew into Bangkok, Thailand and Art was able to scar me for life. There is this famous district called Papong. It's where all the hookers gather and all the dirty old men go to get the hookers that have gathered. It's great cause you can see the ugliest fattest old man walking around with the smalled and cutest girl. Quite amazing. It is also the capital of the world for what they call a "Ping pong show." I kinda figured out what it was before Art told me he HAD TO take me to one but I played dumb since I was kinda curious. We got there at it was EXACTLY what I thought. These girls were doing things with certain parts of their bodies that I could never even imagine. They opened bottle caps, they blew out candles, they shot fruits (at me), they popped balloons with projected darts, they even did that clown trick where he pulls tied hankerchefs out of his mouth...except not with her mouth. I don't think I laughed that hard in a while. After that we sat down to a nice steak dinner...You might ask how could I be hungry after that...No idea. We were only in Bangkok for one night. The next morning we went to India.

We got there and took an autorickshaw, or auto/tuk tuk for short, straight to the training area. People were already there for a day or two and we arrived right as they started. It was basically a really big go cart course where they let us all go balls out and just learn the ropes. The gears, unlike a motercycle, and clutch are operated with your left hand. The throttle was the right hand, and the brake was with the foot. One person in the front and 2 could fit in the back. I did however see about 12 people packed into one auto in the streets of India, as well as about 5 people on a mo-ped. After our first experience of almost dying we got ready for the next morning.

The first day was a big event. Press all over the place and racers getting ready for the race. Our rickshaw was not there during the training day and actually broke down on the way to the venue area for the start. We were allowed to use the directors rickshaw which was pretty diesle. To start off with it was painted like a zebra. It was faster than the rest, and inside it had a sound system and a p.a system. They gave us all a sheet with the distances (which were wrong) and the town names that we should look for. Also on the sheet were challenges that were worth various points. Such as "give us the names of the god's that the malapuram temple was dedicated too." This was a really cool part of the race because it made everyone stop and see the attractions of that area. The flags went up and we were off. Once we started my teammate and I realized that we didn't know how to get out of the city. By luck we saw a sign and an arrow. We did it, out of the city. At our first check point we were approached by a guy from a radio station and he asked us to do a live broadcast. We said "HELL YEAH!" After our first celebrity appearence we left and wanted to stop for lunch so we pulled over in the middle of an open road at this little shack and ate the most delicious food ever and yes, I used my hands! I have to say that was my favorite part of India. Chowing down with your fingers in even the fanciest restaurants was a trip. WHO NEEDS A FORK! After a long day of rocking the roads of Tamil-Nadu we made it to the end-of-day check point. The checkpoint was always the hotel that most of the people were staying at. Weeks before the race even started they offered us a package for about 500 bucks and you get the nice hotels and good accomodations. 500 BUCKS!!!??? YEAH RIGHT! They also offered a budget package for 250. Still, hell no. Me and Art roughed it and found our own hotels...or should I say rooms. They were really never more than 3 or 4 dollars a night and worth every penny. It was a room with a bed. We didn't need nice places. The other days pretty much went the same way.

Day 1 sum up: Ran over a coconut, almost died. Almost hit a truck. I hit a bus. 1 radio broadcast. came in first place. Couldn't wait for day 2.


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