Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Life in general

Been practicing for this hapkido thing. I started seeing signs for "Daegu sports for all festival" around town. On the sign was Daegu gwang yuk she she bum dan which is the team that I am on. That was cool to be able to see that. Every weekend we practice. Last weekend we practiced outside in this park and we had a crowd around us. I went to do my jump dive roll thing. It was over 14 people, but I didn't have enough speed and I landed on the last dude that was kneeling down and bounced off and landed on my back. Somehow the only thing I hurt was my ankle. I took it easy the rest of the day. In addition to this show we have to do this stupid dance. It's some hapkido punch move dance but it's still not that fun. It's the same thing over and over again for like 20 mins.

This weekend was a long one though, and I made it even longer. My wisdom teeth are acting up and my face is swollen so i'm going to the dentist today after I took the day off. 10 sick days to go before i'm out. I plan on using all of them, but strategically. So in 20 mins i'm going to the dentist to find out what the deal with my wisdom teeth is and then I need to buy a can opener for the tuna fish I bought a week ago and just tried to make last night...but couldn't open.

This weekend I got a 4 day vacation coming up so I wanna hit a beach town if I don't go to seoul for a job interview. Might be getting a university job. Hope I do it's a sick deal. Keep ya'll updated.

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