Thursday, March 18, 2010

The greatest gift

I walked into work today and started to set up my classroom like any other day.  After I finished, I walked out to get coffee and was greeted by a little guy wearing a problematic face.  Almost as if he had a problem and he had no idea what to do.  I found out his problem.  He raised his pointer finger towards me as E.T did in the movie, but more like he was presenting me with an award.  On his finger was the biggest and most disgusting booger I have ever seen.  He WAS NOT my student so I just kinda looked around and walked away.  Of course, he followed me into the office, never putting his finger down.  There were other teachers in there so I pointed out the problem.  I was scared he was going to become SO desperate he would wipe it on me just to get it off his finger.  It was a gift I could not accept. 

As a post-story story...I have this student who is always drifting to sleep.  Not the nose picker, but in the same class.  He is good at catching himself and never really getting in trouble, but I think there might be a little bit of a problem after today.  I had them stand up prior to singing a song chock-a-block full of movement and while I was having them repeat the words they would be singing this kid's eyes start closing.  In slow motion he started to go down.  I knew what was going to happen so I got there before he fell...but he was falling asleep while standing.  Does anyone else think this is a problem???  I should tell the teachers to tell the parents maybe...I mean really, who falls asleep standing up besides that drunk guy I saw at 4am on the N.Y subway...but that is another story. 

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TANYA said...

Since he is in Kindergarten, I don't think he is sleep deprived due to all the after hour Hagwans parents in Korea tend to put their children through. Is it possible that has insomnia or is narcaleptic? Narcaleptics usually tend to fall asleep during the day at work and at school. They call it Excessive Daytime Sleepiness.

Could it also be that he is not getting enough sleep at home for many reasons that I cannot explain.

Yes, you should say something to your coworkers! Sleep and nutrition are the two most vital ingridients to proper growth in children and adolescents!

On a side note, a little humour: My mom has a video of my little brother falling asleep on the toilet! Hehehe :)