Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Jew

About a week ago my school took all the kids to the ZOO.  Except most of the kids don't say 'zoo'...the other teachers too.  They have a hard time with the Z sound so it comes out as Joo, or Jew.  They were all saying stuff about the zoo such as "teacher today we are going to the Jew" and every time in my head I couldn't help but think ' go to the Jew everyday for English class'.  Anyway, they were all wearing their assorted summer wear.  Big sunglasses, ridiculous sun hats that their parents made them wear, and they all had these mats to sit on for lunch.

When we got there, there were many schools on field trips.  It was busy busy busy.  The kids sat down on the grass, which was difficult with 300 3-5 year olds, and left their bags where they were sitting.  We split up into classes and walked around a little.  This was kind of stupid because we went to maybe 5 different enclosures and spent about 5 minutes looking at each one.  The teacher walked us right by a cool jaguar , wolf, and another big cat, that I saw only because I could see over the other schools kids heads, and completely skipped the bear cage.  I even saw the elephant come out as the kids were walking past it.  They couldn't see the elephant because it was up the stairs.  But as the teaching was hurrying past it, I was lifting the kids up to see it quickly one by one as the line was still moving. 

After the 30 minutes of walking around and the pictures the teacher wanted instead of showing the kids other animals...we went back to the grass for lunch.  I stuffed my face with KimBop (kinda like sushi but no fish) and Jap Chae (cold noodles) and Cho Bop (yummy mixed rice wrapped in tofu).  I also had a BLT (minus the T cause I hate raw tomato).  It was probably the best part of the day.  After lunch we played with the kids which was basically running around and chasing them, then being chased, all the while dodging kicks and punches to the butt and groin.  They can be vicious little kids sometimes.

All in all a good day, just wished we had more time to walk around and check out the animals.  What was funny is that they had a HUGE enclosure for the rare and elusive goose....It was a little ridiculous.

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