Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pushin' Tea

There has recently been a crackdown on Marijuana in Daegu.  Every once in a while the police will get wind of an operation run by a misc. foreigner, and this, to them, is just unacceptable.  Foreigners already have a stereotype here for dealing drugs and spreading STD's.  The fact that some foreigners really do that is bad for business, so to speak.  I'm sure they bust Koreans sometimes, but the mobsters run that op usually so the 'old boys network' keeps them going.  Plus, busting foreigners is bigger news and gets the police on the front page probably.  They recently caught a Korean American guy with over 300 grams of pot growing in his apartment.  After they bust him they look in his phone for all calls repeating to and from people.  Those people get a surprise visit from the police, at school, and get drug tested on the spot.  

A lot of people get kicked out of the country this way, but for the people who were just friends with the kid it sucks.  It's quite embarrassing to get drug tested in school in the first place, especially if you fail, and get the boot.  But if you pass and don't get kicked out, the suspicion alone is really bad AND you have to stay and deal with that.  I am happy to say, I only knew of the kid in question (never called him), and I am as clean as a whistle anyway.  But man, this kid is going to serve some serious time. 

Also, on the tea front, I have been drinking it (and I mean real tea) hard core.  Every morning I'll have a cup if it's not too hot outside.  But about three times already I have felt like I was getting sick, or at least a cold.  I immediately and indiscriminately start guzzling down whatever tea I can find at school.  By lunch time I usually feel 100% better.  It's quite amazing how amazing tea works.  Mental, or does the job. 

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