Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Life and the not so life.

Oh boy I've got an easy month this June.  Every single week the kids go on a field trip.  That means I miss at least 2 of my 4 classes; sometimes I'll miss all 4 depending on where they go and when they go.  Last week they actually went somewhere two days back to back.  I've been catching up on my reading.

The book I'm reading now is book 3 of the "River World Saga".  If you don't like science fiction books you won't enjoy it at all. If you do, I recommend you look them up and try out the first one.  When I'm not reading I'm catching up on my t.v shows and movies...and also playing video games.  I got two new ones; Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  I blame these for not letting me write in my blog as much.

I got an easy life for now.  It's going to get a little more stressful once I re-start applying for visas and trying to find where my wife and I are going to go to school when back in the states (Yes I said wife.  We got married on May 24th!). 

Things are basically the same here besides the conflict between the North and South right now.  If you haven't been reading, the North blew up a South Korean warship a couple weeks ago and 40 something S. Korean sailors died.  The South doesn't want to attack the north with bombs and bullets because then the North would shoot off their thousands of artillery pieces aimed right at Seoul.  War would ruin their economy and devastate their capital city.  But, they are attacking N. Korea with propaganda.  They are sending leaflets over by way of balloon telling the Northern citizens about the torpedo attack.  They are using billboards on the S. side of the DMZ to urge troops to defect to the S.  And, after years, they started to re-broadcast radio signals into the North all in an effort to persuade defection (word? now it is) and realization.

There won't be a warlike conflict now, but I have a bad feeling about all of this.  The north is like a crazy little kid.  If you pick on them too much they'll snap and so something stupid.  The problem is they think everything is picking on them. Everything the South does causes the North to threaten war.  Even when they officially asked the U.N to deal with the N. over the attack, they said something along the lines of "South Korea told on us, that is the same as declaring war." ...yeah I know.

Either way, if something happens, my city is far out of range of their artillery.  I registered with the embassy so I should get evacuation plans and blah blah blah by email.  Who knows, if something does happen it might even make it easier to get my wife back to America.  Hmmmm...there could be a sweet side to all the sour.  But that is incredibly selfish.  As for now, like the rest of the country.  I'm seeing where it goes.

If there are mistakes in this post, sorry.  I typed it in one shot.  I have to finish up The Deer Hunter.  It's a long freaking movie and I want to get to sleep around midnight.  Stay cool.

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