Monday, August 27, 2007


If you think New York or where ever you are is hot and humid you obviously haven't been to Korea. It is the most humid place ever. Especially after the rainy season it is really bad. Everybody is always dripping, it could be worse though. At least after aug. it eases up. I have a lot to write but lectures are about to start and I have to go down stairs...but to leave you on a happy note....they have this wonderful thing here called soju. It's a rice liquor. A bottle of soju is only 1,000 won which is $1. This stuff is great, it' tastes just fine and makes you feel finer. We (the teachers) have been going out every night to a bar down the street and instead of buying stuff there, which is still cheap, i just walk in with a bottle of soju and play drinking games.

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