Friday, August 24, 2007

O.K. First let me tell you the pain in the ass it was to try to see this site in english. Automatically everything is in that makes sense because i am Korea. BUT with an american computer you can understand the frustration. Especially after I spent a night out at the bar with a mix of Americans, Canadians, Scottish folk, Irish peoples, and of course the Welsh. The time I was here I just thought I was in flushing with all the Koreans and assorted asian folk. It didn't hit me that I was actually in a foreign country until I saw the construction workers. The construction workers were Korean...DUHHHH. In America they are Mexican. I never thought I would say this but I miss my mexicans. Even the guys that do the no say jobs are Korean. It's so crazy. When I can figure out how to get pictures up i'll definitely put them up...there are some funny ones. But for now...I am going to take my nice shower in that small ass room they call a the way....side can't flush toilet paper in the have to throw it in the garbage next to it. GROSS. Hopefully that is only in this dorm and not in the 3rd largest city where I am going to be. I solved that problem by crapping in the lobby. Let them clean my poop out of the garbage. WTF! haha, whatever. This is quite a place, I wouldn't trade it for N.Y quite yet. Enjoy your lives! Get back at you later

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