Monday, August 27, 2007

J.P from grandma's boy as a roommate

When I got here I was the only one in this dorm room. I thought we would all have our own rooms for the week of orientation, or at least some of us. When I found out that we were most likely getting roommates I didn't think anything of it because everyone is pretty cool. Only a couple of weird people but there is a couple in every bunch. I forgot that I have horrible luck when it comes to people putting me with others. This guy is probably about late 30's and seemed relatively normal at first even though his hairline starts half way up his head. WRONG WRONG WRONG. Every morning around 5ish or 6ish I get half woken up by someone first I was a little confused because nobody was in the room except for me and him. That doesn't seem to matter though because this guy straight up talks to himself. It's so creepy it's not funny. He doesn't only just talk but he has both sides of the conversation out loud. And this isn't a couple of lines here or there, it's a really long ass conversation. I would give him another couple of years and he will be exactly like J.P from the movie grandma's boy...Just my luck, i'm just hoping he isn't a serial killer or using my soap and towel when i'm not around. Yikes. Besides the fact that this guy has in depth conversations with him self which is weird's not like i'm not sleeping. STOP WAKING ME UP! I'm gonna try to keep my mouth shut because it's only a couple of more days but if he touches my stuff and moves it again or keeps this talking b.s up i'm gonna have to say something. Wish me luck


Tony said...

crazy! hope he doesn't rate you!!

Josh said...

you're a nutjob. don't drink that stuff every day.

Tony said...

i've been commenting on ur crap! and i acutally marked it as favorite!! so i can read it everyday of your stupid story!

anyways, i really need to talk to you, im me via aim u drunken terd!!

PS:: have fun! :) be safe

zagss said...

I wanna say that even though it sounds pretty rough, ur working in korea. thats pretty hot good job man keep up the good work