Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The American teaching teachers

So today started just like anyother day. It was a little hot, but again i'm not complaining. At least it isn't raining and it's not too humid. I had my first class of teachers today. All the teachers that want to come and learn about my culture and language are allowed to come to a class held two times a week, tuesday and thursday. All the english teachers are required to have these classes for the teachers if the school asks them to (side note: someone is blasting Korean rap right now as i'm sitting at the bus stop typing, it's silly, and another person just blatently ran a red light and almost hit a scooter. Yikes). I talked to my friend before hand that already had his teacher class and he said that there were about 3-4 teachers that showed up...There are 80 teachers in total in my school. 23 of them showed up! That is just over 25% of teachers that came to hear me speak and hopefully learn something from me. It actually was extremely flattering. I mean that is a huge chunk of the school that came to be taught. The teachers are not all english teachers so similar to my students they all have a different range of Englis ability. Unfortunatly some of them are really cute...but I have to remind myself "Poison Ivy." I can look BUT I BETTER NOT TOUCH! That could cause a problem...mixing business with pleasure. If any of you have any ideas for what you think I should teach them i'm open to suggestions. Leave a comment if you please. I'm about to pack up and go home so i'll catch ya'll later.


Tony said...

damn poison ivy! jake the man is not afraid of them! he shall still teach!

good job man, 25% of the entire school showed up to watch a white man speak!

they didn't come for your brain (lack of one!) they came for your body! wait....i'm flattering you, they came for your skin!

Tony said...

btw, i show your busy and all. but when your up to it, keep this blog going! it brightens up my day before work!

Tony said...