Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm back in elementary school

Today we gave the kids a game to play just like every other day. It's an end of class thing. They had to cut something up and use them for a game. I look over and like three kids whip out box cutters. Huge blades. Anywhere in New York (and i'm pretty sure most other states) they would take those away and suspend the kids. It shocked me...why don't they just use sissors? What happens in a week or two if some kid gets mad at the other kid and stabs him with it during a game??? It's a horrible thought but they are just little kids. They wouldn't know any better. The most common thing a kid says after he does something like that is "I thought he would get right back up." I wouldn't allow it. I'm debating on if I should say something to my co-teacher...but again, who am I to intrude on their culture and rules.

On a happier note I love my 5th grade class. Today when I walked into the room they screamed so loud I literally jumped back. They still keep yelling out I love you and everything along those lines. They even yell it out in the middle of class while the Korean teacher is talking. This girl even gave me chocolates today (which were so fucking good). Some of the kids are so funny with what they say. Just like the previous blog about going "to the Jew." Today some of the kids were, instead of saying Lederman, were saying Ledermommy. I thought it was hilarious even though they were making fun of me. They meant no harm. I don't even think I have ever heard that one before. So much more original then anyone in the states.

Some of the kids in my class were actually crying today. Two in one class and on in the other. The one kid was crying cause I think another student hit him, but i'm so baffled as to why the other two were crying. I don't think that my co-teacher hit them. I didn't see her do that or hear anyone yelp. It was after an english test and possibly they were crying cause they didn't do well? One girl was actually balling. She was convulsing with sadness. I had NO idea what to do.

Another lighter note. The 4th graders (i don't have them in class) were following me today and every time I turned around they froze. And then continued to follow me into my office. It was so much fun. I kept hiding around corners and scaring them. Elementary school red light green light. I LOVE IT


Tony said...

ledermommy, just so you know, its common for teacher to hit students in elementary school (at least that was the case 12 years ago for me! not sure about now!)

i say u let them keep using their papercutter (that is, after consulting your korean teacher and if she agrees)

bye ledermommy

BrightPinkFishnets said...

Yay! I finally got to read your blog! Sounds like you're having a good time in Korea - and I bet you're gonna get mad chicks in no time! Asians love the white man especially in foreign countries. Anyways keep up the fun and the updates!