Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Alrightttt peoples what's good? It is wed. the 5th. I have been teaching for 3 days now. When I walk around school I feel famous. All the students want to say hello and shake my hand, the little ones that don't even know how to say hello just stare. But they stare from about 2 feet away and when I try to get them to say hello they just continue to stare. It's funny but kinda awkward. Even right now, after lunch, I am sitting in my office and they come in just to peek and say hello...then when i talk back they run away. It is a good booster for my spirit especially on this rainy day. All the teachers I work with are really nice, they guys and principle keep telling me all the girls who are single. Even the female teachers say hello and then snicker and run away. The school is a pretty decent looking school, 360 degree rotating fans on every ceiling (no a.c), and a t.v in every room...even the food is good. Everyone was impressed that I can eat with chopsticks. Especially the Korean ones because they are metal slippery and flat. What can I say, I got skills. I have basically just been doing listen and repeat excercises with the kids I teach mostly 6th grade classes but today I had my first 5th grade class. They were very excited to have a native teacher (me). I teach 20 classes a week and have 3 lesson plans to perform. Not always, but not more than twice a week, I have to teach an after school program for the kids who want to learn more english or I sit down with the teachers and they ask questions about what they want to know how to say. Yesterday after lunch I sat down with my guide (the lady who is helps me with my shopping and my immigration cards) and one of my two co teachers and just bull shit for an hour or two. They are very nice and funny too. Their english is good so I can communicate o.k as long as I speak slow. Everyone here drinks hot tea and coffee even in the 1,000 degree heat and rediculous humidity. I can't bring myself to drink that at this temp. I just drink cold water, they think i'm crazy. haha. As for my apt. I like living alone but it can get a little lonley since ya'll know i'm a people person. Today though i'm meeting some friends from orientation down town to get some dinner and drinks. It's nice to have people to chill with. Last sat night was crazy. Lots of Soju and beer. It's not as easy as I thought to get me some Korean chicks but that won't stop me from trying. I will try to set up a "language exchange." WORD, I like how that sounds.

The city of Daegu is mostly spread out but the down town area is busy and packed. It kind reminds me of a mini NYC...I say mini because the buildings are only about 3 or 4 stories high. Everyone is fucking beautiful which is nice. I'm waiting for international hug day:) It isn't an unusual sight to see two men walking arm in arm or hand in hand. Homosexuality isn't viewed the same down here. It is perfectly o.k for two straight men to walk down the street like that and it wouldn't turn any heads. Don't worry, I won't try to hold any of your hands when I get home. So basically every day I am done with class no later than 2pm and I sit in my office until someone tells me to do something. Tomorrow I am suppose to teach only 5th graders but they all are going on a field trip so I lucked out. My 5th grade co teacher's english isn't very good so she was really nervous about today...I had to get my other co-teacher to translate what she wanted me to do. We actually did well, the kids had fun and she did well. It's cute how they try so hard to communicate. All the teachers want to practice their english. I want to practice my Korean so it's o.k. I started to try and learn how to read Korean. I know the vowels already and their symbols. With a piece of paper with the other symbols on it I can read words...I just don't know what they mean.

All in all i'm having a good time, I just can't wait to be able to communicate back with those that don't speak the restaurant owners. I can say beef, chicken, and I usually get one of those. I just have to make two thing clear...1) NO SANG SUNG (fish), 2) I'm a sun seng nim (a teacher)...people always think I am u.s.a military. They are trouble makers here, so much so they all have a 1am curfew. HAHA SUCKERS. I'll post more when I have more to say. BE GOOD YALL

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Tony said...

sounda great man, i'm glad your enjoying it!

told you it was gonna be hard! you were under the impression by being white, girls will flock to you!

that only works if ur black and in japan!