Wednesday, September 26, 2007


For no reason at all this site decided to go back to being in Korean and I completely forgot how I changed it the first time. Thank god that I learned how to read the korean alphabet or else I wouldn't have been able to get to my dash board or make a new post. Dash board is actually spelled out in Korean and sounds like "dash-uh Bo-ard-uh. Kinda funny.

Chuesok is the Korean thanks giving and it did just that. I gave some thanks because I was off from work from after I finished class on friday to today (wed. the 26th). As I have been sitting here at my favorite bus stop right outside of my school (since I still don't have internet at my home) I have seen about 10 of my students and they have all crossed the street or stopped behind me to say hello and stare a little. I was originally planning on going to Japan but the ferries were all booked and I wasn't about to spend all that money on a plane ticket. So me and a couple of my friend decided to stay in this country and head down to Busan. It's south east of Daegu and on the shore line. THE BEACH! I have to tell you it was an amazing city. We were going to take a cab to a place about 5 minutes away from the famous beach there...Hyu-dae beach. On the way we passed the beach and when I looked out the window I saw hundreds of motel and hotel signs. I told my friends we should get out here and just find a motel. Turned out to be a good idea. We walked around for about 15 mins and found a place that was 40k a night...$40 bucks. B/t 4 people only 10k a night. Not bad at all. It was so nice to be able to go sit on the beach again. The water was really warm and I got to swim in the East Sea. The sand wasn't as soft as I imagined but it did it's job. We basically stayed around our area and met up with a couple of friends of ours from orientation that lived in Busan. I liked it so much I might request to stay there for my next year. I have pictures I'll put up at a later date.

I'm back home now and ready to go to work tomorrow after a nice long vacation. I have my Korean drivers license, which I don't think i'm giving back when I leave, so everything is comming together nicely. 2 things left to do...get internet in my apt and get insurance and a license plate for my bike. I am almost officially a Korean.

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