Friday, September 14, 2007


So today's lesson was suppose to teach the kids how to say stuff like "that is mine" and ask "Who's sock is this." etc. The text book comes with a cd and has activities and videos on it. One of the videos was of three boys shirtless in a locker room after swimming. What they had on didn't look like bathinsuits, it looked like underwear. When it went on all the kids were giggling like even they knew there was something weird about that. NOTE TO WHOEVER MADE THIS: WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!? Who puts 10 year old kids in a locker room in their underwear and films them for the specific purpose to show in elementary schools to other kids. What a sick fuck. Now that I got that out...

Today I finally met my last new class. Again they all cheered and yelled that I was handsome and they love me. Even the children I have seen for the last two weeks still follow me in the hall ways and want to shake my hand. This leads me to think WHEN WILL MY FAME FADE??? Not that I want it to but it's a question every famous person or rock star has to ask themselves at least once in their career...And believe you me, I am a rock star. I had a group of kids rush into my office with a pen and paper asking me to sign a piece of paper. My co-teacher told them no and that they could only come in to say hi and try to talk to me, they agreed. I took a picture of them (on the bottom left)....As soon as that happened one of the little kids whipped out the pen and paper and bum rushed me. He shoved the pen in my hand and kept saying "sign sign" my co-teacher kicked them out (as you can see in the top picture). I was laughing so hard. Oh yeah, by the way the lady in both pictures is my co-teacher. A really nice lady who helps me out with everything. My second mother except Korean....and not actually my mother. She took me to the bank to get a bank account, to the cell phone store for a cell phone...she makes calls for me to the bank and everywhere else that I need...she even takes me shopping for food and appliances. She has two kids so i'm a third one...only bigger and whiter and I talk funny.

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