Friday, September 14, 2007

Tony Chin Style

PIctures of my apartment and my desk at school. Read On

First off, I know tony is reading this so yes buddy this one has to do with you. My parents always thinks it's so "cute" how Tony always bows when he says hello. They probably do realize it's his culture
(i know your not korean so shut up, same idea), but they don't actually picture it and know what it's like. EVERYONE in this country, be it a personal friend or a respected co-worker bows to each other. It's their ways of shaking hands. You do shake hands in this country but there are ways of doing it, just like pouring water...or soju for someone. To show respect you use two hands to shake. When you pour the said beverage you use one hand to pour and place one hand under your elbow to steady your pouring hand. When someone pours a drink for you it is customary to use two hands to hold your cup to recieve. The saying "when in Rome" applies here 100%. I refuse to be rude because that would only make my job harder. If you give respect you get respect, same all over the world for the most part. So yes everybody, I bow. What will be hilrious is when I get back home I will be so use to bowing I am almost positive by then it will be instinctual for me to bow.

CONCLUSION: Just as Tony Chin bows to my parents I will be bowing to other people as well. At least just until I break the habit. Or maybe I shouldn't break it because I might want to stay longer.

AGE: Intresting enough in America i'm 22 years old. In Korea I am 24. When you come out of the womb in Korea you are already 1 year old. Add the other 9 months while your in the oven and you get almost 2 years more.

I want to leave you today with a question.

If you spin an oriental man in a circle does he become disoriented??


Tony said...

hahahahah! this was such a funny post. You may bow to me when you come back!!

Cinder Block said...

I knew you would like it tony