Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Students cracked me up

The students in each class vary in english capabilities. Some can't even read or pronounce words, some aren't that bad at english, some aren't that bad but try and speak anyway, and some can have a normal conversation. The idea is teach to the middle. It might be too hard for some and too easy for others but at least some will learn something...hopefully. today the students were playing a matching game. One of the sentences said "I went to the museam." The picture it pointed to was someone going to a zoo. I asked them "is this correct?" They answered correctly and said "no." I asked them what the correct sentence was. So some of them who actually knew what I was talking about and decided to answer yelled out very loud what they thought was the right way to say the sentence. Now remember, they don't have a Z sound in their language so what was suppose to be I went to the zoo today turned into "I went to the JEW today." I started cracking up on the spot. None of them realized what they said but i'm pretty sure my co teacher did because she was laughing too. I thought in my head, "guys, you have been going to the Jew for the last 2 weeks, get over it!"

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Tony said...

that reminds me, i'm going to the jew nxt week, wanna come?