Monday, September 17, 2007


Today in class I was suppose to take pictures of me teaching the idiots, I know I can't take pictures of myself co teacher took them. Anyway I have to maintain a page on the school's website that the kids would be able to ask questions in english to me and I would put a response up. I have to memorize the buttons to press because the site is in korean. But on the site they wanted me to put pictures up.
Tomorrow the school will be inspected by the ministry of education inspecter. I'll bet you 10,000 won that they take him to my class. It's o.k though because for this week my co-teacher and I have a kick ass lesson. I think my co-teacher isn't as nervous as the rest of the teachers because she has me...especially since she can blame it on me if something goes wrong. Nooo she wouldn't do that. Today's lesson was really funny however. Besides the kids completely getting into it one sentence in particular is laugh worthy. Lesson 9 part 3 is teaching them how to use the -ER he is taller than her, or I am faster then you. Towards the end of the class I always play a game with the students. Today I put them in pairs and gave them cards with sentences on it from the back of their book. All the sentences were normal but one was different. The kids had no idea why I was laughing and I don't even think my co-teacher knew... because after all of my 4 classes she asked me why I laughed at the one sentence. I told her I was just laughing for no reason. Now what was this sentence you ask???? Could it be the one that read "My pencil is bigger than yours!?!?!?!?!?" HAHAHAHAHA OF COURSE IT WAS

I got my motorcycle today. The guy was suppose to come to my apt. after 5pm....he called at 1030 and said i had to meet him down town and said he was there now. Of course that wouldn't work so my co teacher told him to come up here and drop it off at school. He did that but it was embarassing. Not that it was dropped off at school, but because I had to run down in b/t classes and take the stupid key from him. I was pissed, I don't think it made me look bad but that was my worry.

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Tony said...

omg, be careful on your bike dude.

Here's a story convo between me and my friend.

"dude, my dad told me, i can do anything BUT ride a bike" White kid

"but i asked him, dad! u were a biker back in the days too!" white kid.

"yes, and that's why all my friends are dead" white kid's dad.

Anyways, tell us about your lesson tomorrow when the govt ppl show up.
Btw, how long's each of your classes?